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Thursday, September 18, 2014


The next hop in our tour of Papua/New Guinea in 1967 was from Manus Is. to Kavieng, the main centre on the island of New Ireland. My brother, David, was the District Officer there and I was looking forward to catching up with him and his wife, Ann, and my little nephew, Michael.

 Coming into land at Kavieng.

 The scenery was so typically tropical island views.

The view from my brother's house overlooking the wharf.

 The sun was very bright and hot. My friend, Joan and my sister in law, Ann with Michael and his friend outside the Local Government Council building. Unfortunately, I never took a photo of my brother. (What was I thinking?)

This is the school where Ann taught.

Joan and I had a few wonderful days here. My brother was working during the day but Ann took us around the island. Then it was time to return to the airstrip for the next hop over to Rabaul on New Britain Island. Michael and his friend came to say goodbye. Michael is now in his fifties and lives in St Lucia in the West Indies.


  1. How your nephew ended up in West Indies must be interesting, but probably his story to tell.

  2. What island hoppers you girls were!

  3. All places I will probably never see in my life !

  4. oh, those sweet little boys... all grown up.

  5. That's a big travel adventure, love taking pictures from in the plane. Don't do it enough.


  6. Great photos of Kavieng.
    One place I am so sorry I never visited during my 6 years of "tropical/colonial" life.
    Just so pristine and clean, I'd love to see what that School looks like now?????

  7. Lovely to see and read. The view from the house is awesome..

  8. So nice you made the most of your stay there to visit all the other places.

  9. I have enjoyed reading about the adventures of your youth and seeing your "old" photos. How lovey they are!

    How do I purchase your book?

    1. Lorraine you have to purchase it through "Blurb". Just click onto the title under the picture of the book on my sidebar and it will take you to the page where it can be purchased. Thanks for being so interested. It is fairly expensive and it is cost price , I don't make anything out of the sale.

  10. What a great experience and how nice to be shown round the island by someone who knows the place well.

  11. What a lovely tropical place and I enjoyed the photos of your family and friends. How interesting that your nephew lives in St. Lucia. I have always had a yen to visit it. One of these days :)

  12. Beautiful memories. I love your history.

  13. Hello Diane, your brother lived in a beautiful place.. Wonderful photos of your family and friends.. Thanks for sharing this bit of paradise.. Happy weekend!

  14. What can I see Such a great adventure and your brother lived on a beautiful spot