Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Monday, September 30, 2013


Another day in LA. Sonya took Carol and I for a morning walk up a very steep hill overlooking LA. It is called Runyan Canyon walk. Bernie stayed home while Banjo had a nap but Fox insisted on coming with us. He was told over and over he had to walk and there would be no carrying.

 Carol runs to the edge for a good shot.

 People living up here have a view for miles and miles.

 Unfortunately it was smoggy this morning but it lifted by lunchtime. The CBD is in the misty distance. Little 3 year old Fox walked all the way up to the top without complaining. He was a champ! 

 However, on the way down his little legs grew tired.  Mommy, who is always prepared had a fold up sling for him to sit in on her back. We were soon on the road back to the car.

Later, Sonya went to work, Bernie minded the boys and Carol and I went exploring. We had driven past these beautiful buildings and we wanted to see them up close. Bernie told us it is The Pacific Design Centre.
 The PDC is on a 14acre campus and it has 1,200,00 sq ft of space for multi purpose uses by the design community. There is a huge decorating and furniture market with 130 showrooms. 

The Blue Centre was opened first in 1975, the green Centre in 1988 and the Red Centre in 2011. It was designed by Cesar Pelli. We walked through the Blue Centre which was full of furniture showrooms but we couldn't get into the other buildings, which were probably offices and car parks.

 There is also one of the branches of MOCA (museum of Contemporary Art). We were keen to visit. However, we were not impressed. Firstly it is housed in a n uninspiring cement box building, see above in the middle. It took us ages to find the entrance which was an insignificant door at the back, the art wasn't very good either. All in all we were not thrilled with the place. We found the Jelly Beans in the park opposite were more fun.

We rang Sonya and asked what else we could see in this area in walking distance. She gave us directions to The Beverley Centre an up market shopping complex. Carol and I looked at one another and smiled and whooped at the thought of a shopping spree. Hours later, Sonya picked us up, with our swollen shopping bags and empty wallets, on her way home from work.

 I bought another pair of sneakers. Banjo took them off me, sat down and put them on. He loved them.
Fox was waiting for dinner.


  1. I like the colourful buildings and the Jelly Beans. Your sneakers are very trendy!

  2. That's a wild pair of shoes and you sure do plenty of walking.

  3. I'm "green" with jealousy. Looks like so much fun. You and Bill really need to stay in LA about a year to see everything...(with a short trip to Arizona).

  4. What a wonderful time you had there. Always great to have fun while exercising. Thanks for the good wishes to Germany. We'll be in the air this afternoon around two.

  5. Ah! Shopping, a delight.
    Those bright buildings, can't imagine them being built on a smaller scale in those colours here.
    Fox sounds as if he did a great job with all that walking.

  6. i love those colorful buildings - and the jelly beans. :) your sneakers are pretty snazzy, too!

  7. those bright and colorful buildings are fascinating.. sounds like you had a lot of fun. you said swollen shopping bags, i was thinking swollen feet from all that walking.

  8. Like the coloured buildings. We also love walking.


  9. Love the colorful building and the egg sculptures. Your new sneakers look colorful too, do they glow in the dark? Cute shots of Banjo and Fox!

  10. Those Jelly Beans are bloody marvelous, I was wondering what they were at first I thought they looked like jelly beans but wasn't sure

  11. I wasn't impressed with the exterior of the museum either, but the PDC buildings are beautiful.

  12. Interesting post, specially i also love the colorful buildings and sculptures of egg. Indeed, sounds beautiful place..

  13. LA must have changed a lot since we had been there the last time in 1996 ! The boys are really cute !

  14. Your grandsons are gorgeous! I love seeing how quickly they are growing.

  15. Sounds like you had a wonderful time in the good ole USA....

    We are home from our trip --and had a marvelous time.


  16. Mom and daughter shopping spree... fun fun fun. Fox loves the walking shoes -- he was probably ready to hike up that hill again!

  17. Love the colors of the buildings and the jelly beans!
    Shopping in LA - what's not fun about that! :)