Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Sunday, September 22, 2013


After a 10 day whirlwind visit to LA, USA, I am home again in Brisbane, Australia. I've had engagements everyday since arriving home and no time to succumb to jet lag or to blog until today.

My eldest daughter, Carol, accompanied me to visit my youngest daughter, Sonya, who lives in LA with her husband, Bernie and their two toddlers, Fox and Banjo. It was lovely to hug and kiss them all in person instead of Skyping.

Sonya is now working to help pay the bills but she hates having to leave the little ones. However, they do have a lovely young nanny who looks after the children at home and Bernie helps out when he is not at work.

Sonya works as a production manager of the theatres at UCLA (University of California). She has been lucky to ease into her new job while the students have been on summer holiday but it will become busy next week when the students return.

One day Bernie took Carol and I and the two kids into UCLA to see where "mommy" works. (Yes, Fox is picking up the American accent). It is a beautiful Campus and Sonya is lucky to work in such a nice environment. It is a huge campus stretching for miles. We saw a small corner of the campus near where Sonya works.

Two of the theatres at UCLA

A fountain in front of the theatres captured Banjo's attention
while Aunty Carol is on 'toddler watch'.

The grounds are beautiful.
This is part of a sculpture garden.

"Mommy" shows the little ones her work place.

We take a walk around the beautiful buildings

Papa watches the boys splash in a fountain. 

The sisters enjoy their short time together.

Sonya loves her new job but would prefer to stay home with her toddlers.

Time to go home for dinner, bath, story time and bed. 

One of the many sculptures in the gardens.


  1. Welcome home! Great photos of the family and that is a great looking working environment. Happy you got to see your grands and daughters, son-in-law too.

  2. The area of the UCLA looks beautiful, must be great to study and work there. The kids look very cute.

  3. Welcome back. This is a great sequence of shots ... I especially like the one of the building through the arched window.

  4. what a beautiful place to work or go to school. i wonder if the students even see the beauty around them. number 6 is my favorite, the building through the arches.. gorgeous. and that sculpture is just plain ugly, although it took great talent to make it.

  5. Welcome home, Diane! I know you enjoyed your visit with the grandchildren, your daughter and SIL. The UCLA campus looks beautiful, the arches and sculptures are grand! Now, how long will you be home, till the next trip? Have a happy day and week!

  6. I'm glad you made it home safe and sound, but it sounds like Otha's been hectic for you. I'm glad to hear that Sonya likes her job, but it's too bad that the job is necessary. I enjoyed your photos of the campus.

  7. Welcome Home. Know you had a wonderful time with your daughters and the grands... Those babies are growing up so so so fast...

    Has Carol died her hair red---or was that just the sunlight on it????

    Hope you get some rest now!!!

  8. so glad you and your daughter got to spend time with your other daughter and her family. i know every moment was precious...

  9. Very beautifull building but the woman is a but to muscular for me.


  10. Looks like a great place to work, and it would be very hard to go to work every day with little ones. Also once your kids get acclimated to a place, it is very hard to uproot them to another country. Makes you sort of stuck where you are. Does your daughter miss Australia?? Great shots and looks like a wonderful trip.

  11. Looks like you had an amazing trip. Too short I am sure but boy oh boy those littles are growing fast!

  12. Wow. Fast trip for that long of a trip. I'm not sure I could stay on a plane so cooped up for that many hours. I get antsy after two hours. I want off. And right now. :)

  13. It's hard when family is so far away. So glad you were able to spend some time together, even if only for a few days. UCLA sure is a lovely campus; seems like a great place to work.

  14. I like that sculpture,I can imagine how great it was for you to see your daughter and grandchildren.I don't know how I would feel if mine lived so far away from me.

  15. The uni is beautiful! Your daughter is so lucky to be working in such stunning surroundings! It would be difficult to leave the young ones, but fortunately there's work for your daughter... so many people out of work in the States.

    Welcome home!

  16. Welcome back.
    I bet you didn't like leaving, never mind we are both in the same boat along with so many other mums and grandmothers.
    I love the photos and the buildings along with that lawn...beautiful all of it.

  17. What great photos of the campus! I felt like I was walking with you. I love the title of your blog.

  18. So glad you and your daughter got to visit the lovely US branch of the family -- (and how strong you are to put off jet lag until you have time for it ;>)

    We always enjoy walking on college campuses, but have never been on that one -- it's beautiful.

  19. Welcome back to your home, Diane! I know how wonderful it must have bee to see your daughter, son-in-law and grandboys in person, and it was so nice Carol was also able to come along! Sonya's job sounds os interesting. I know it is hard for a Mother to go back to work --my daughter faced the same thing--but in the long run if the boys have good child care than it it's a "win win" situation!

  20. Welcome back to Brisbane. It must have been great to spend time with family and what a beautiful place that University is.

  21. Looks like you enjoyed your time with your family Dianne. The photos are great and nice to see what other uni campuses have to offer.
    Looks lovely.

  22. What a beautiful "office" ! She is really lucky ! A pity that she is unable to enjoy her job fully ! I hope it will stop it needs some time, it's a new life !