Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


It was our friend, Helen's birthday and she chose to have her Birthday Bear Celebration at Cafe Fish 53 in East Brisbane. For readers who haven't heard about our Birthday Bear tradition read here.
We arrived early, so we walked through the park opposite the Cafe, down to the river. 
  It was a beautiful Spring Day and the view of the city, the bridge and the ferry was lovely. 

 We walked along the river side past some nice apartments.........

 .......and pretty gardens.

Then it was time to go back to the Cafe for lunch and to see what surprise Birthday Bear had for us and Helen. Check out my new sneakers that I bought in LA. They are sparkly.

 Helen (right) is a keen jam and chutney maker so Bear decided to be her jam making helper. Mary (left) dressed bear this time and did a great job.

 Helen is happy with her Bear and especially the jam and chutney recipe book which bear had brought along.

Bear is an expert cook. She is looking forward to going home with Helen and helping out with the jam cooking and probably the tasting too.
We were lucky to have our old friends, Bob and Chris (front) join us this time as they are in Brisbane for a while before continuing on with  their caravan trekking.

(I managed to get a finger print smear on my lens which blurred the photos, doh!)


  1. Nice sneakers Diane, bear sure looks the part.

  2. bear looks wonderful in her apron.. yet another beautiful party in a beautiful place.. bear is so well traveled

  3. Feel I'm getting to know all your birthday bear friends. Love those shoes. Thanks for all your comments on my blog.

  4. Fantastic shoes, Diane. Of course, I trust Bear was wearing a comfy-for-cooking pair.

  5. Happy Birthday to Helen! I always enjoy seeing how the Birthday bear will be dressed. Very cute! Lovely shots of Brisbane, I hope everyone enjoyed their lunch! Great photos, Diane!

  6. Love those glitsy sneakers ..... Now isn't Bear the perfect little sous chef, I'm sure Helen is going to make sure she doesn't get splotches of chutney all over that brand spanking new cheffie attire ( especially the fur)

  7. Now those sparkly shoes are a treat to look at. I'd love a pair of those. Always enjoy seeing Birthday Bear's new outfit and love all the lovely photos, especially all those smiling faces.

  8. What a fun birthday celebration! Looks as if you have recovered from your trip!

  9. Love your bear tradition Do you buy the bear or is this handsome fellow handmade. I see you had a great time together

  10. Love the shows and the pink flowers.

  11. Birthday Bear really gets around, and is so talented too. That's quite a lovely jam to be in.

    Love those sneakers, and the stylish laces too.

  12. Like the flowers on the sidewalk.


  13. Bear always looks stylish no matter what she is wearing and I bet she is a great cook as well...........yeah like the sneakers as well

  14. You might manage to blurr the photo but you can't blurr the fun you all obviously were having - it shines through, sharp as a blade.

  15. Pretty place there, nice photos.
    Like your shoes...

  16. omg, that is really cute!

    yet another a memorable party in a pretty place.
    love your shoes.


  17. Always a treat to see how Bear gets dressed.
    Mary did a wonderful job.
    You all do know how to party!

  18. Each time I see Birthday bear, I want to introduce this use here ! Love your new sneakers !