Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, October 25, 2012


After a day spent with old friends in Canberra, visiting the Botanic Gardens and Floriade, we went back to the hotel and scrubbed up for the main dinner function of the reunion. It was held at the very nice Hellenic Club where we had a banquet in the Ginseng Restaurant.
We all met in the foyer of the Hellenic Club. It is 50 years since we all attended ASOPA* to study to become teachers in Papua/New Guinea and the Northern Territory. We easily picked up our  friendshp like it was only yesterday.

 Soon we adjourned upstairs to the restaurant where we had a delicious meal and loads more reminiscing.

The next morning we awoke to dull, rainy weather and freezing temperatures and this is supposed to be Spring. We had our last activity of the reunion which was a farewell breakfast at "The Oaks Brasserie" at Yarralumla Nursery and then we all said our goodbyes before dispersing to different corners of Australia.

We had planned to drive further south and visit The Snowy Mountains where I was going to climb to the top of our tallest mountain, Mt Kosiuzsko (not a difficult climb) and TOH* wanted to check out the amazing engineering project of the "Snowy Mountain Scheme"where the river was made to change direction and flow inland to irrigate the plains instead of flowing out to sea. There were many tunnels, dams and hydro power stations built too.
However, when we awoke to freezing temperatures and snow on the hills around Canberra, we changed our mind and headed north west towards the sun. We decided to take country roads back to Brisbane and stop and explore country towns on the way. I hope you enjoy the trip with us.
Naturally, first stop was the coffee shop. It was still very cold and the warmth inside was welcomed. It was a lovely little cafe and library in the town of Yass. Yass is a clean and well preserved little town with some very attractive old buildings still in use today. The population around Yass is made up of quite well off cattle and sheep farmers.

*ASOPA= Australian School of Pacific Administration.
*TOH= The other half


  1. It looks like a wonderful meeting with old classmates. When you start education you can't imagine you see each other 40 years later. I had a reunion with my highschool class in 2009 and it was fun to see all the grey heads.

  2. Great report Diane.
    Yass is money. Own land here and you are worth a fortune. All prime stud lands - Sheep (merinos) - cattle herefords/angus/charolais/murray greys) and horse studs.
    Someone way back said in the UK, "my kingdom for a horse", Yass has plenty, and you would be set for life.
    We can only dream of good old Yass, but you have to belong to the establishment of the squatter hierachy.

  3. Unseasonal snow, huh? Must be global warming!!

  4. Golly, it even looks cold. Nice photo of you both, in spite of Colin's finger.

  5. i may borrow your TOH, first time seeing that and i like it. glad you stopped on your scenic route home, i love small towns. i like that coffee shop. looks like everyone had a blast at the reunion. my high school 50 year reunion is this month. had to laugh at the pointer finger on your temple...

  6. I've never been anywhere around that neck of the woods, yet Yass looks so Aussie-country and so familiar!

  7. Sometimes the detours can be just as much fun as the planned routes. Glad you stayed out of the snow and still made the trip worthwhile!

  8. Diane the town you stopped at for your coffee is quaint, I love the old buildings and one day it would be nice to explore places such as this. Your reunion sounds like it was such a good time, catching up with those you began your teaching career with. I can only imagine the laughter and stories shared of what has transpired over the years since you all began your teaching careers. What fun!

    It's unfortunate you had snow, what's more unfortunate is ours is just starting and it won't leave until at the least the end of March. From the looks of it we're in for a long, cold winter... yuck!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Nice portrait of you two. The road pictures take you really on a trip with you. Well done.


  10. Yass looks very neat, clean and prosperous. Sounds like a good idea to give the snow a miss. I never associate Australia with snow.

  11. enjoyed the Yass photographs, and isn't it a great thing about 'us' how we can just catch up with friends/acquaintances so readily when the opportunity is there. Sounds like a lovely trip

  12. Wow---what a fabulous place to meet... I am blown away by the Botanic Gardens.. Those TULIPS are AWESOME....

    Looks like all of you had a great time. By the way, you looked MARVELOUS... Love that dress --and the color is perfect for you.


  13. I think you were wise to head toward the sun rather than the snow. Yass looks like a lovely little town.

  14. Lovely. Yass is lovely. I recall that we were going to go similar to you but it was snowing so we didn't venture there either.

  15. You seem to have been a very tight knit group. How wonderful to be able to renew old acquaintances as if time has stood still.
    Always enjoy your trips as it is probably the only way I'll ever get to see Australia. :)
    You and Bill make a lovely couple!
    Wish the photographer had asked Colin to put his arm down. :)

  16. Carletta!!!!!!!!!!!
    How can you say that??
    My arm was up well before the photographer took the shot. It was a conspiracy. How on Earth can I show others at the table what is happening in other parts of the room????
    I know pointing is considered rude but at our age it is a necessity, otherwise my dear friends would be still wondering what I was referring to - ha ha!

  17. Diane, what a great post!Looks like a wonderful time with your friends. And the gardens are beautiful. My favorite is the shot of you and your hubby, very nice! You should frame that one. Thanks for the tour, I feel like I am there. Great collection of photos. Have a happy weekend!

  18. That weekend was freeeeeezing. I loved Yass when we passed through it on our recent trip and looks like we chose the same cafe.

    I was surprised to see how neat and prosperous it is these days. I think people must commute from there to Canberra.

  19. Road trips like this are always such fun. Thanks for taking us along. I'm enjoying the sights along your back country roads.