Burleigh Heads Beach, Queensland, Australia

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It was Paul's Birthday recently and we were all pleased to be attending his birthday lunch as he is fighting Mesothelioma. He recently completed another dose of chemo therapy and was well enough to go on an adventurous tour to the northern most tip of Australia, Cape York. This area is famous for its tropical wilderness and men like Crocodile Dundee.

As I thought Paul is a fighter like Crocodile Dundee that is how I dressed Birthday Bear for Paul. We celebrated at Hog's Breath Cafe at Garden City in Brisbane.

   Crocodile Dundee Bear wrestling a crocodile

Paul liked Bear's hat. Bear looks like he's having a nap after wrestling that croc.

 Crocodile Dundee's hat has crocodile teeth in the leather band. (beads from an old necklace). Bear also has Dundee's leather armbands and the famous, "That's a knife."

Bear woke  up when the steaks arrived. He is showing off his leather/crocodile skin vest and big buckled belt.

Readers not familiar with our Birthday Bear tradition read more here.


  1. This is my favourite Birthday Bear so far. I like the hat.
    Best wishes to Paul.

  2. this is my favorite bear, i have watched all the Dundee movies 3 to 5 times each.

  3. Very inventive mind with birthday bear.

  4. Love his outfit and that great big green croc! And I know your friend appreciates your support as he fights for his life. Good thoughts and prayers being sent his way.

  5. Wow ! you did a great job ! I really thought it was Crocodile Dundee, and the crocodile was made of what ??
    I still think that this birthday celebrations with a bear are great. Fighting against cancer is a very hard fight !

  6. Hi Diane, Thanks for your comments on my blog and FB... We did have a great trip.

    I always love to see what they will do with Birthday Bear. He really had his work cut out for him this time ---wrestling that croc..... Hope you gave him a great dinner!!! ha ha

    Happy Birthday to Paul.

  7. dear diane b,

    this is my fave birthday bear as well!

    lovely, adorable photographs!

    big hugs!

  8. Nice little reportage. Like the bear and the hat.

  9. Diane: You sure are great at picking an appropriate theme for this dressing up.
    Hogs Breath???? I thought after the Cleveland fiascos, that place was off the visiting list? Terrible name for an eatery! I hope you at least remembered to take your 25% off discount cards, that we were all issued with?
    See you in CBR - we will be all dressed up down there like Eskimos.
    Colin (HB)

  10. Diane, what a great birthday celebration. Happy Birthday to your friend Paul! The Birthday bear looks especially cute in his outfit. Great job, loved the photos.

  11. Gattina the crocodile is a big soft toy from the local supermarket.

  12. Fantastic Diane - Birthday Bear is so handsome and rugged in his leathers and hat... and, of course, that knife. What a fine figure of a Bear he is :D)
    Happy Birthday to Paul and very best wishes.

  13. I am continually gobsmacked re the shenanigans of Birthday Bear. You will have to auction off all his outfits, like Opera Australia does every coupla years.

    Re the Bondi Pavilion. Yes, m'am!

    I had that in mind, actually. I did not realise that one could simply wander on in. Shall try to get down there tomorrow.

    Kirsten, Alannah, and I went to a performance of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' in the upstairs theatre yesterday. I shall try to blog about that on Dolwendee in the next coupla days.

  14. This was a fun birthday bear presentation --I don't know how you all come up with so many good ones!Happy birthday, Paul!

  15. You did a wonderful job Diane!
    We just watched a Dundee movie on TV this past week. You can't flip through the channels and NOT stop to watch if you catch it on.
    Happy Belated Birthday to Paul! He is wished all the best for his continued recovery from the cancer.

  16. This is one of the most interesting BB costumes yet.

  17. You made a wonderful bear again with lots of funny details. Such a nice fun tradition.

  18. A great Crocodile Dundee!

    More wishes winging their way to Paul.

  19. Oh. I love that Bear too. We are getting into traditions more by creating one whenever we could.
    Hope you are doing well Diane. Best, Amanda

  20. This is a great way to dress up Birthday Bear. I'm glad Paul is a fighter like Crocodile Dundee, and I hope he is just as successful.

  21. I'm glad your friend is doing better. Fun party as always.

  22. Love that new outfit! My very best to Paul, his fighting spirit is admirable and am sending him loads of healing energies his way.

  23. Fun with dressing up Birthday Bear, I am sure Bear himself was pleased as punch to be a Hollywood star.