Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


A few weeks ago I heard a commotion outside I looked out the window to see a gang of workmen making a footpath on the other side of  "the street where I live". You can burst into song if you like.
I grabbed my camera and trotted downstairs.

I got some weird looks as if to say, "What's that silly old woman doing taking pics of us working."

I think they may have been a bit suspicious of me. Maybe I was going to make a complaint???
 I didn't hang around long so as not to make them feel uncomfortable.

A week later we had a new footpath.

I enjoy walking down the path on the way back from the forest every morning instead of on the road like I used to. I am also happy that the path is on the other side of the street from where we live.


  1. Ha ha I dread the thought that one day we will end up with curbing, guttering and a footpath. When it happens I will know our little mountain village has indeed sunk into suburbia. It nearly reached us recently but stopped a street short of us.

  2. suburbia has it's conveniences sometimes. :)

  3. Diane, the path is much safer for walking than in the street. I live in a rural area and we do not have any sidewalks. It can be scary when the cars go zooming by.

  4. Wow! What a great way to have a path show up! And much better than my dirt paths. So glad you have a lovely, safe way to get to your forest. Enjoy! So neat that you could get the photos.

  5. One of my favourite shower songs. I sing it perfectly in the shower, to my ears anyway. I used to even be able to play it on a piano. Workmen need to get over this photo thing. It is never about them....although there was that time when an extra hot...

  6. I see them working hard...but after all the pics you have a beautiful sidewalk

  7. Very nice. I love walking and jogging with this kind of ordered path.

  8. Ha,ha, I can imagine how you felt, the workers must have thought you were a spy from the city council, making reports about them. But they did a good job to make a foothpad.

  9. Would the female in the movie from which your video was taken, be someone with the name opposite to 'Undo lots'? (You know - the letter that comes after Q in the alphabet, opposite to cross, what people say when you do not arrive on time.)

  10. With the millions upon millions of photographs being taken every hour of every day on phones, pocket cameras and all the rest, in years to come it will be pictures like these which are important as they record the everyday events that shape our immediate environment. Well done you.

  11. here we call these sidewalks, we don't have them on our street but all the streets aroudn us have them and they do make for safe walking. this one is really pretty with the trees and i bet those workers did think you might be going to complain. maybe we all need shirts to wear that say Warming I am Blogger

  12. That new pathway looks very nice ! I usually ask the workers if they mind that I take pictures and usually they laugh at me and say "go ahead" sometimes they even pose with grimaces, too much, lol !

  13. Why did you have a silly old woman taking photos? You should have taken them yourself\1 :-)

  14. No Ann, I think you'll find the female in that song is called Elisa 'Smalllazyperson'.



  15. They did a great job and what lovely views of your street Diane.
    Wonderfully captured shadows on the walk and driveway. I feel like I'm right there.
    I rather enjoyed the video. I spent many a weekend afternoon watching movie musicals on TV.
    These people could sing.

  16. I'll do you a favor and NOT burst into song. But I'm glad you have a nice, new, walking path on the street where you live.

  17. Love that song, Diane. "My Fair Lady" is a favorite musical of mine. Glad you had some 'excitement' on the street where you live!!!!!

    Here in the USA, we call that a 'sidewalk' instead of a footpath... We have no sidewalks in our area at all--but we do have walking paths around the area in some places...


  18. came via Gatinna's blog. I don't eat sausages either. It is because my flatmate who worked in freezing works tell me what sausages are made off.

    Next time, tell those handsome hunks why you are taking phtos, they might even take off their shirt and flex their muscles for you LOl,

    My colleague over heard me tell the lawnmower guys in my post that I could make them famous. They were extremely friendly. Luckily, my school room is at the far end of the office where the principals are.

  19. YOU have left an impression with me, Diane B.

    Everywhere we went in the N.T. (at Uluru and King's Canyon) I would slip out the iPhone, whack it into camera mode and snap all these little wild flowers.

    It's been so wet in that part of the Northern Territory that it's no longer the Red Centre. Everything and everywhere is so green!
    We don't know all the names of the plants altho' for one with little, bell-shaped flowers desert fuchsia comes to mind.

    Helicopter flights over both areas revealed 11-12 wild camels in a pound (or giant meadow) near King's Canyon. So much for them to graze on.

    Cuppla days earlier the pilot took us from Uluru to the Olgas and banked around behind the Olgas. We saw the smaller formations which the tourists never see becoz they're off the used roads.

  20. My dear Richard E Jones.
    Are you not aware that camels are considered "Feral Pests"? More here than in the whole of Saudi Arabia!
    If you were in a tourist helicopter, how come you were not issued with guns to do a bit of culling? Surely at GGS college they did have a cadet core?
    And more to the point have you forgotten how to spell - "becoz" - isn't that suppose to be "because"?
    Oh dear standards are really slipping! Tut Tut!
    Never would have happened at SJC, still GGS one day will hopefully catch up.
    I look forward via Diane's blog of the travels of one, Richard and Judyth Jones - have fun and watch out on the roads for 'rogue bull camels'.

  21. I bet if you told them you were going to blog about it they would have smiled for the camera...

    Looks like they did a great job...maybe your side of the street is next?

  22. I have often walked down that street before.... lalalalalala. It's probably a good thing you are not here to actually hear me sing, because I sound kinda croaky. (Is that a word? If not, it should be.)
    It will be nice to have a sidewalk to walk on. We have them on both sides of our street, here on our block. But we are quite near a school. Your neighborhood looks so lush and green.

  23. I have done that (taking pictures of workers)...Yup been there done that -- glad they're getting work done. And I'm singing the song in my head and think I'll have to look at the video in order to let it out. (OK though, that's my favorite musical ever.)

  24. Diane, I like the footpath, I wished we had one into the valley, but I guess it would be dangerous to walk even with a footpath, full of curves and bends, and some people drive like maniacs on this little road, experienced it myself. A fellow came around a bend on our side of the road, fast, luckily my daughter who was driving had a fast reaction to the other side and nobody was there. This young fellow just drove off even faster, and it could have been a terrible accident.

  25. they probably really were looking at you and asking why you were taking their picture! wonder what they would have thought if you told them their work was being featured on you blog!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    am I going to be signing that song all day?!

  26. One of the hassles I found with Port Macquarie - and I suspect of other country towns - is that the footpath suddenly cuts out for a couple of hundred metres, before restarting. Totally inexplicable ...

  27. I can't think of a road round here that doesn't have a pavement. I suppose we just take them for granted. None as picturesque as yours though.