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Monday, March 12, 2012


In 1959 during my last year at school, I would catch the rail motor from Loftus to Sutherland then I had to change trains for Miranda. I used to meet my friends on Sutherland Station and chat until our train came.  I went to school in Sydney.
 This would be the last day we did this as this was our last day at school after 12 years. It was a mixture of excitement and sadness. I wonder what these girls are doing now. I have not kept in contact with any of them.

Some kids were allowed to drive their parent's car to school. We thought that was cool then but now it is common.

We messed up our school uniforms and tried to look silly. Quite tame compared with what they do these days. I am the cheeky one in the middle of the front row with a cap and non uniform jacket.

Our last ever school parade in the quadrangle of Port Hacking High School.

We didn't have to do any lessons but we did go to our form class to present our form teacher, Mr Walshe , with a present of a briefcase. He was my best ever English teacher.


  1. Hah! I remember my last day of school, too. "Muck-up" day, 1965. I guess we had to return for exams after that, but never again for the routine of class and assemblies.

    I can remember the car grease on door handles, the soapy water ready to tip when doors were opened, the heap of chairs stuffed into stairwells. Then we all went off to the local water storage dam and had a picnic. Sans alcohol, avec ham sandwiches. How very banal ...

  2. i was class of 62 so a little behind you but i do remember the old cars and still love them

  3. We always remember the very best teachers don't we. Mine was Ms. Beverly Bozack, English teacher!

    It's fun to look at the hair styles.

    You were finishing your schooling, and I was finishing third grade I think, in June 1959. I would turn 9 in August and start fourth grade in September. Many more years to go before graduation. Fifty plus years later, it all melds together into a blur.

  4. My last day was in 1969 in Manchester, England. It didn't seem half as much fun as yours!

  5. Great post, Diane. I love the photo of you during your school days. I finished high school a little early so I was not there on the offical last day. I do keep in touch with some of my high school and elementery school friends on facebook. You should check on facebook for some of your old friends. I hope you have a great week ahead.

  6. Do you know, I don't even remember my last day at school specifically. It must have been pretty underwhelming!

  7. In those days of sweaters, skirts and/or dresses only, we got to wear shorts to school the last week. We thought we were so cool.

  8. Oh, you know I just love posts like this. I am so into the nostalgia bit. I think you are all just a bunch of cuties. Loved your cap.

  9. Well, my memory cap is tested.
    First at "Joeys", there was NO muck up day as Julie had.
    I recall a big "musical and comedy" concert was put on by we, leavers. Then a big final Mass in the chapel - seniors only and then a veritable feast - catered!!! We thought we were in paradise.
    Then as we finished our final exams, boys just left in dribs and drabs! With "see you at the football matches next year!"
    The last ones to leave were those doing the honours exams.
    Via the OBU we have kept in touch with our mates and now when the bulletins come out, the first thing I think we all do is turn to the obituary pages, to see who has gone to the "playing fields" in the sky!
    Colin (HB)

  10. What great photos you have shared with us I can't find any of my high school photos I asked mum but she has no idea where they are either I didn't think I would ever want to look at them again but of course I do now.........

  11. You had good last days at school then. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Great photos. What wonderful memories these must evoke. You and your friends on your last day of school, so beautiful and so hopeful. I too wonder what life might have brought you all.

  13. I haven't kept in touch with old classmates either - I'd like to think we've all moved on ... But sometimes I wonder what became of them and one day I'll go on FaceBook to find out!!!

  14. In 1985 all we did was wear casual clothes instead of uniform and spray a bit of shaving cream on each other.

    Really, most of us were terrified about the upcoming exams and life outside of school. I've kept in touch with a couple of friends but often wonder 'what happened to....' about a few others.

  15. In this year we moved to Belgium and I started in the German School in Brussels for 3 years until I got my high school diploma (Abitur) Then I started in another school for French Buisiness correspondence. Was hard, as I only kew a little French !
    Nice memories !

  16. Funny to see the differences in school. We don't have uniforms and the times have changed so much. It looks so old fashioned now to see the boys and girls.

  17. Very nice picture to see. Why don't you try to find back some of these class mates. Could be fun. Maybe they are on Facebook.


  18. wow, diane, thank you so much for posting these valuable photos.

    i'm so excited to see those beautiful gems!


  19. What wonderful photos and ya have the photos too!!! Wow, I'm impressed!!!

    Great teachers truly do make a difference.

    God bless ya sweetie and have a sunshiny kinda day!!! :o)

  20. I graduated HS in 1959 too -- a great year ;>)... your daughters look like you! I have a goal to scan pictures this summer when we're in Oregon (where my albums are). Fun post.

  21. What wonderful pictures, Diane, and wonderful memories you have. I have great memories of my high school years also. I graduated in 1960 from high school and in 1964 from college.

    We are home from our 2nd trip is a month--and both of us have colds.. Yuk! Guess it will be REST for this upcoming week for both of us.


  22. MY Dad was a private school chalkie, Diane and readers, so I got an education for nothing --- by that I mean, very little outflow from Pa's pocket.
    One of my old schoolmates is Prince Chazza, he of the marriage to the 'rottweiler' so aappropriately named by the late, great Princess Di. Of course the same personage is now dubbed a "Duchess".

    As my wife says what sort of cad would go on his honeymoon wearing cuff-links given by his girlfriend !!

    But enuf of the parasitic, utterly unwanted Brit Royals. Diane and Billy B., we are now in the real outback. Coober Pedy of opal mining fame in the heart of red dirt country in S. Australia.

    Drove out a dirt road this morning to see hills and mesas known as the Breakaways. Apparently they ringed what was once a vast inland sea. Millions of years ago and long pre-dating Lake Eyre.

    Lots of housing, and at least an Anglican church, are all underground here in Coober Pedy. No wonder. It's 35 deg. here today in autumn, officially, and in mid-summer it can nudge 50 degrees.

    Off to Uluru first thing in the morning. Roughly 700 km by road from here so we do the driving in shifts, of course.
    Four days there, Billy B., with all colours shown by the Rock depending on the time of day. You would have a field day there with the shutter-bugging.
    Maybe u already have.

    No, Diane I don't believe it's ghoulish seeking out sites with links to past crimes. I have a fascination with Melbourne's Underbelly, gangs warfare over drugs.

    It's the journalist in me wanting to see things at first hand. Maybe the guide on the giant coach when you were in S.A. thought some of the purple rinse set ladies might have their sensibilities offended.

  23. Good heavens Richard E Jones!
    Fancy you being at Geelong Grammar School at the same time as dear "Charlie"! You must have been a VERY old member of the Geelong Grammar Senior class when "Charlie" was there? Anyhow, wasn't "Charles" ( must be pucka, musn't one?) mainly at Timbertop? If I recall correctly, his Dad, HRH Phillip, decided to toughen the young fellow up? He was a bit of a "wimp", wasn't he?
    Anyhow thanks for the information.
    I looked up GGS ( GPS) on "Wikipedia" - interesting lot of old boys, eh?
    Anyhow strange as you say that he left a beautiful filly for an old nag mare!

  24. How wonderful to have photos of such a memorable day. I think we all of memories of our last day as school but few would have photos.

  25. I always find these sorts of photographs fascinating - and wonder with you what happened to the other students of your year. I remember our muck-up day. I spent much time throwing flour bombs into the quadrangle from the top of a sheltered walkway at its perimeter.

  26. How wonderful that you have these photos to remember that special day. It's hard to keep in touch when so many people move. No one seems to stay put anymore. It's easier now, with facebook and skype, etc... I was good at writing letters years ago, so managed to keep in touch with at least one or two people from each of the three high schools I attended.

  27. That's a great post, I love the photos, what a treasure!

  28. MORE on the crimes scene from Aust's. Top End Diane and Billy B.
    Today we drove 700-800 klicks from Coober Pedy to the Ayers Rock resort. I forget the actual mileage (kilometre-age) but it was a bloody lot.

    But of course we've been on the Stuart Highway in the N.T. and you'll remember the Peter Falconio case, Diane. He was abducted, presumed murdered, along the Stuart Hwy.by one Bradley John Murdoch who's now serving time for the offence.

    You'll recall Falconio's girlfriend (also English) was originally a sort-of-a-suspect but I think she proved her bona fides to the courts over the long-drawn out trials.

    Not just all wild flowers and beauty in the Outback, as we know. However, I did snap a comely purple wildflower in the Breakaways, a stunning rock and mesa formation about 20 km out of Coober Pedy the other day.

    Bought the cork bobs u suggested for our hats while up here,thank you folks.Off to the Olgas tomorrow and then a sparrow fart tour to the Rock on Friday to see it at sunrise.
    You and I are both a fair bit older than old Chazza, Colin. He was at Timbertop. it's quite correct. I was long gone from all campuses by then and I fancy my Dad had probably retired, too.

  29. I also think it's amazing just how many early photos you have - those school ones too, they are just great.

  30. After 12 years would be our high school graduation here. I do not have one picture of that day in my life. I don't know why my Mom never took her camera.

  31. Richard I am offended. We were not on a giant coach with the purple rinse set ladies. We were on a small group 4 wheel drive bus with a bunch of vibrant people seeking adventure in the outback without the hassle of driving or finding accommodation nor the fear of being held up like Falconios.

    We did visit Alice Springs a few years ago. We did a tour from AS to Uluru via the back road and Kings canyon for 3 days. That was in an even smaller 4 wheel drive and 5 passengers. The colours and scenery was brilliant the flies were atrocious.