Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Carol and David came to Brisbane for the weekend. We had a delicious meal at Baan Thai Restaurant in Springwood.


 Carol was learning to use her new iphone and I am learning to post by email.


  1. Great family shots, Diane! Thai food sounds yummy. I hope you all had a wonderful visit. Have a Happy weekend!

  2. Learning to post to your blog by e-mail? Really? Will wonders never cease!
    My husband has an iPhone and does all kinds of amazing things with it. I only have a cellular phone so I can phone people, and occasionally receive a call, but mostly so I can phone. In case I fall, for instance.
    Looks like you're having a good weekend. I know it's tomorrow already in Brisbane.

  3. How wonderful to have your family visit ... Special times. When you learn how to post by e-mail Diane ..do let me know. I would love to be able to post from my iPad but unfortunately this dosen't seem possible .... Surely there is a way to do it!

  4. My daughter has an iphone and does lots of stuff on it but me I am a basic type of person I use my phone to make and receive calls and send texts oh and take photos......

    I have no idea how to post via email...

  5. To blog by email just go to settings then click mobile and email. Then fill in the new email address. Go to your email and what you write in subject is your post heading write in the email what you want on your post add a photo as an attachment then send to the new email address that you made in settings and voila it posts. You can choose to post immediately or post as a draft.

  6. What a technical wiz kid you have become! I don't do things spontaneously enough to want to post by email.

  7. Lovely to have your daughter and her husband visit...
    Thanks for the 'tip' on blogging from mobile...

  8. OK, Diane and Billy Bohlen.
    We 2 are now in Port Augusta, on the edge of the 'middle of nowhere' in the Oz outback.

    How come u 2 [and ur 4 fellow travellers] did NOT report on Snowtown: the little town notorious for the "Bodies in the Barrels" case. That's where 3 Sth. Australians disposed of about half of their victims after accessing their social security and banking data.

    We made a beeline for there today (Sun.) after driving out of Adel. en route to Port Augusta. I'm typing this now from our apartment hotel in Pt. Augusta.

    It was an extremely quiet Sunday afternoon in Snowtown. There's really only one main street in the town of 400 people, but we reckon ---- or rather I, Judyth isn't so keen on such forensics -- sussed out which was the old, historic bank building where the bodies were stowed in the barrels, or vats.

    The smell inside the little building muct have been horrendous. The 3 perpetrators killed their last victim in these premises. I think there were 7 or 8bodies stashed away in barrels in acid in these premises when the coppers eventually pounced.

    From memory the Sth. Aust. killers had murdered 12-13 people basically to get hold of their social security/bank account details. Quite a few other bodies had been buried in and around the mean streets where they lived in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.

    Snowtown is at least 2 to 2 1/2 hours drive north of Adel.

  9. Good God! Richard.
    "Yummy food" and you bring up bodies in barrels!
    I think you have just blown SA off the tourist list - ha ha!
    However, I do recall this business.
    Now I must get back to watching "Murder in the Mint" !!!!

  10. do you mean post by email from your phone? or can it be done with my email? never heard of that, but then i dont have an Iphone or even a cell phone.

  11. Carol took the photos on her mobile then sent them via email to my computer. I then forwarded the email after adding the text to my blog .
    You can blog from a mobile/cell phone it doesn't have to be an iphone.

    You can blog by email.

    They are two different systems.

    You can blog from an ipad but you need an App called Blogpress and there is a new one called iblogger.

  12. Richard, On the first trip in the bus the tour guides pointed out Snowtown but didn't take us there. They said the S.A. government don't want S.A. to be remembered for that incident.

    We didn't call in with our friends either as it wasn't a priority a bit ghoulish, don't you think?

  13. Looks nice! Have a good Sunday!

  14. Oh dear, I think I will give all that posting by email a miss. I sit here at this desk to do my posting and visiting. If I did it by email, then I would be connected 24/7 and that WOULD be a burden.

  15. I want an excuse to get an iPhone but I don't think I can justify one. I don't lead a whizzy enough life! I'm struck by how much alike you and Carol are - her mum's daughter for sure.

  16. Oh these modern women with all their technical knowledge ;>)...good job posting. (My) Bill got a smart-phone and he is working on learning it. He had an upgrade coming and pretty much didn't have a choice. It's what there is now. When I get one I'm going to take a class. And yumm, we love Thai food.

  17. It's so nice that you are able to visit back and forth several times through the year. ( It really is hard when children are far away. I'm missing my kids right now.)

  18. Yum, sounds like a delicious night out. Clever you Diane - always fun learning new things :D)

  19. Good god, Richard J. I bet you stop going past a road accident, really!!!