Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, September 3, 2011


After the splendour of nature at The Grand Canyon we arrived in the razzmatazz of glitzy Las Vegas. It had an air of fun and excitement about it.

Bill was happy to see the famous welcoming sign.

 There was one huge hotel and casino after another along 'the strip'. This is the Venetian and was built like a replica of Venice.

Then there was New York.

This one is called Excalibur.

 Bill enjoyed the statue at Caesar's Palace while I enjoyed ........

The Chippendales.

It was an extremely hot night and we had walked for miles up and down the strip so it was very cooling to stop and watch the magnificent fountain at the Bellagio Hotel. Every 15 mins it puts on a 4 min show of dancing water to a song.


  1. Diane, your travelogue is always a grand way for me to finish my days.
    This was to be our plan in retirement and now I have come to rely on you and your wonderful pictures.

  2. The video is good to watch, and your photos are lovely.

  3. Las Vegas is an exciting place to visit. The lights and the Bellagio fountain are beautiful. I like you posing in front of the famous Chippendale men. I enjoyed Bill's video. Wonderful photos, Diane

  4. The casino you didn't remember the name of is Excalibur. We had dinner there the night we were in Las Vegas.
    Your picture (and video) of the Bellagio fountains is wonderful.

  5. i've visited vegas a few years ago and i really enjoyed the place.

    what a spectacular! love your photos and
    those buildings are so impressive, too.
    thanks for this lovely pictorial tour.
    betty xx

  6. ...and now i'm off to watch the video!

  7. You definitely saw more of Vegas than we did... Would loved to have seen that fountain.. Beautiful!!!!

    The one picture you didn't know the name is Excalibur. George and I ate at their buffet in there.


  8. I thought it was a rather weird world their in the middle of a desert. All those replica's of cities, love to see them in reality. But it is fun to see such a fancy world with your own eyes.

  9. you traveled all over the world on one street and found a couple of HUNKS plus the amazing light show.

  10. I just love the Dancing Waters there. I could just pull up a chair and watch it all night. Mind if I put this onto my blog? The New York place also has great fish and chips if that little eating place is still there.

  11. Is the one you couldn't remember Excaliber? Haven't been there for a long time and the lights make things look different.

  12. I was hoping you would go to Vegas. I remember my first visit there, I loved the neon lights. They didn't seem quite so magnificent when I went there again 5 or 6 years ago but I still enjoyed it immensely. I was there for a whole week for a conference. It's like a big adult theme park, such fun, even though I don't gamble.

  13. We did the same thing (on our own) when we saw the Grand Canyon for the first time -- from there to Las Vegas. I was much younger but it still sent my head reeling from the change.

    We've been back to both since then but not on the same trip like that.

    There are definitely some improvements -- like the beautiful fountain and new hotels etc since that first time, but the effect was the same.

  14. Las Vegas is one city that holds no appeal for me! What a contrast after the breathtaking natural sights you had visited!