Brisbane, QLD

Friday, September 2, 2011


In 1959 I was in my final year at school and we were taken on a Biology excursion to the coast to study the organisms that lived in the different tidal zones. 
Biology Class of 59

Guess who?
Mr MacMahon, our teacher climbed into a cave to find specimens for us to study. We thought it hilarious
Zone markers
The intertidal or littoral zone is divided into three zones, the low. middle and high. The girls were marking where the zones start and stop. We had to find organisms from each zone.

Look what we found!

We waited on the slippery dip for the bus to take us back to school. These were the best lessons.
I can't believe I caught Robyn slipping into the rock pool with my trusty Brownie Box camera.


  1. I love reading about "your story" Diane. I can't for the life of me, find you in the first [group] photo. LOVE the one of you in the short romper suit. Imagine catching your classmate falling in. What lovely memories. Have a great weekend. Greetings, Jo

  2. we never left our class rooms for anything, and my biolgy class was about 25 plus. this looks like a fun way to learn, love the photos, takes me back in time machine

  3. i really enjoyed looking at those beautiful-so precious-photos.

    what a great idea and learning way.

    have a wonderful weekend!
    betty xx

  4. What lovely memories for you Diane. I'm impressed with how good the quality of the photos are.

  5. How nice to have a lesson outside. I can imagine your fun when the teacher went into the cave. It is hilarious to see him on the ground.
    Memmories of my own schooltime come back.

  6. This is just wonderful, Diane. I remember a high school biology field trip, looking for organisms in a pond (we were hundreds of miles from the ocean). It's one of my favorite stories, but there aren't any photos of it, so I really enjoyed yours. Thanks.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  7. Those school trips were always so much fun. I like your dea of scanning all your old photos. Another project to add to my list of 'things to do when I have time!'

  8. You are doing so well with your 'story', Diane... I have tons of pictures from back then ---but haven't categorized them into years/ages/what we were doing... I need to do that... (I'll add it to my already long list!) ha

  9. I really enjoy you looking back series. You have such interesting detail captured with your photos and so much detail kept in your head as a result. I always find it fun to look at the clothing styles as well.

  10. Thanks for sharing this story with us. It sounds as if it were a wonderful field trip, and the pictures are great. I'm trying to do something with my old slides, but you're way ahead of me.

  11. Always a joy to go with you Diane.
    Such a wonderful time when learning was made a fun activity.
    I've said it before, you are so lucky to have all these shots of your life. I'm sure your girls will treasure them someday.

  12. Great post Diane, I can see all these in one of your wonderful books.

  13. Lovely reading, Diane. Good to have photos of back then, and I hope your girls will always enjoy your photo album.

  14. I love these photos - what a great time you had. x

  15. How funny these old pictures and you had very curly hair !

  16. They were great lessons and you were already a great photographer "way" back then.

    I have saved this post on my reader for ages because I wanted to have time to think about it. I keep thinking maybe I'll get motivated to do what you're doing. (Not so much writing a book, but just sorting the pix for the kids and maybe making a few notes.)