Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Last Saturday night we celebrated our friend Paul's Birthday. Of course Birthday Bear joined us at the Ceylon Inn in Sherwood.
Paul loves taking his dog, Deja, for walks. Deja is a beautiful chocolate Labrador. So Birthday Bear is dressed in his walking shoes, shorts, hat and his shirt has Deja's footprints on it. Birthday Bear's dog is the right colour but maybe not the right shape. Anyway Bear has a lovely leash for the dog.
Notice how the people at the next table are wondering what an earth a bunch of adults are doing with a bear???
From L to R. Bill, Ann, Mary, Birthday Bear, Helen. George and I are out of the photo.
It is a very popular restaurant and we couldn't get a seat inside so we sat outside, which under normal Spring conditions it would have been very pleasant. However, last weekend we had a cold snap with strong winds. So we had to rug up in coats, jackets and jumpers/sweaters. We were protected from most of the wind by those plastic curtain thingies and we had an overhead heater nearby. But we didn't linger after the meal, which was a nice Indian one. Birthday Bear liked my meatballs.

Mary was the volunteer, who dressed Bear for Paul's Birthday. We were all pleased to be celebrating with Paul as he hasn't been too well this year after having tumours and ribs removed earlier this year and he has also recently had radium treatment to shrink a new tumour. He has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma. Paul is a fighter and it is hard to keep him down. Happy Birthday my friend you deserve it!


  1. Hi Diane,
    Happy birthday to your friend Paul and may he have many more celebrations. Glad you all enjoyed your meal with Birthday Bear.
    Thank you for your comment. Yes I think it was Blogger burnout. I still keep reading my favourite blogs though!!

  2. Another joyful party. So glad your friend made it through to this one and may he have many more happy birthdays yet.

  3. that's a pity that it was so cold. Birthday bear looks perfect, what a creativity, lol ! I wondered about the dog's name because "déjà" means "already" in French !

  4. Looked a little chilly, but delicious all the same!

    Paul sounds like a true fighter - keep it up!

    Fox HAS grown so much - you must be so proud!

  5. Eating the cold .. ugh I hate it. Another great birthday bear idea.

  6. That's a wonderful birthday celebration Diane. Happy Birthday to Paul and wishing you many more celebrations.

  7. Another appropriately well dressed bear!
    A Happy Belated Birthday to Paul and may this year be better for him with lots more to follow.
    I bet the people at the next table didn't have half as much fun. :)

  8. Birthday Bear has had another triumph - well done!
    You do all look slightly cold out there, lucky you had warm coats.
    Happy Birthday to Paul, and all the best :D)