Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Finally we had reached the west coast after travelling all the way from the east coast by bus. We booked into the Marriot Hotel in LA and then the whole group had our last dinner together at "Bubba Gump Shrimp Co." on the Santa Monica Pier. All 50 of us were friends now and we had a very jovial dinner.

Where the famous Route 66 ended and where we ended our tour too.  What a fabulous trip it was I'm sure you would agree.

Some of our group donned their maddest hat for the last night including our guide 2nd from right at the back. We said good bye to our new friends back here at the hotel as we were not doing the last  day's tour of LA with them, instead we were going to spend one last day with our young family. We had seen the places that the group were visiting in LA before the tour started.

 The day that we arrived back at Sonya and Bernie's place was the same day that little Fox took his first steps. We were so thrilled to see this milestone in his development.

"Look at me I'm walking!"

Look at him go, no stopping him now.

"This way Pappa"
For lunch we went to the Farmers' Market in West Hollywood just a few blocks away from Sonya's home.

Bye , bye my little darling see you soon in Sydney.

Bernie has being doing auditions in LA and he is hoping to get acting work there but in the meantime his agent in Australia told him Channel 7 wanted him to host another series of Beauty and the Geek. A good deal was arranged which included flights, accommodation and car for the whole family. So our little family have been back in Sydney at the moment for seven weeks but they return to LA soon.


  1. Hello Diane,
    Greetings from the UK.
    I have so enjoyed your tour. Thank you for letting us see all those wonderful places through your beautiful photographs. Hope you are over the bronchitis now.
    Your little grandson is a delight.
    With all good wishes,
    Mary (Elcmae)

  2. It certainly was a glorious trip - lucky you!
    Your grandson is gorgeous and how nice for you all that they've been relatively local to you for a while.

  3. the header is wonderful, what a colorful bird, and so is that baby in the last shot. precious

  4. When we were there the roller skating had just started !
    I am waiting that Toby starts to walk ! I can't carry him for long he weighs more than 10 kgs. But I think he will walk soon he loves to stand and already makes the movements. For the moment he crawls with his elbows very quickly !

  5. I think you had a perfect ending for your USA tour. It's wonderful that you were there to see Fox's first steps. Thank you for taking us on your tour with you.
    Enjoy your family while they are all in Sydney.

  6. What a wonderful trip, Diane... Thanks for taking us along...

    I'm sure that one of the highlights though was getting to see Fox take his first steps. How special!!!!

    Sometime --give us your fav's and less fav's of the entire tour (just the tour not the family visits)... I'd love to hear what you REALLY think.


  7. Wow, it seemed like a big trip. Must be nice to see Fox take his first steps.

  8. That bird on the header is a hunk! Has he got a brother? Wait. What am I saying!

    I'll miss your trip posts of all the place I enjoyed seeing again. I can imagine that when you got home it was wonderful sleeping in your own bed. There's just something about that.

  9. Smiles on all of your faces, as you complete your cross continent tour! Glad you got to see so many wonderful things!
    How wonderful that you got to see those precious first steps!! And also that they will get to be in Australia from time to time.

  10. Ah! A wonderful journey you have taken me on reading all about it.
    Thanks for sharing.

    The photo of Fox is beautiful. My you are getting clever Diane...keep up the good work.

  11. How exciting to be there for those first steps. And your trip was simpy wonderful, thanks for sharing it so well.

  12. That was a glorious end of your tour to witness the first steps of your little boy. He waited for you.
    Love your new header, so colourful.

  13. A really great trip Diane - lovely to be able to see your photos. You got to see and do such exciting things.
    How brilliant to see those little Fox's first steps too!

  14. thank you for sharing Fox's first steps. gorgeous little boy. how exciting. :)

  15. You certainly had an amazing adventure travelling across America, Diane. Thank you for sharing so many stories and pictures of your journey with us. I will go back and read them all on winter nights. How b,essex you were to share such a special time with Fox's parents.

  16. Hi Diane, I have followed your travels with great enthusiasm for all the places that you have visited, and to finish up spending the last day with your family was icing on the cake, especially witnessing your little grandson Fox' first steps,such an adorable and handsome little boy. How thrilling that all must have been. Even doubly thrilling to have them back in Australia for a while.

  17. You had a terrific trip -- and I enjoyed going along after the fact. Never know whether I love more the pictures of exotic places I'll never see or your take and pictures pictures of places we've been to -- I think it's a draw!

    That's terrific that you got to see Fox take his first steps! What an amazing end to the journey!

  18. I defy ANYONE to see the number '66' and NOT start singing ...

  19. I'm sad to see the trip end. You shared so much of my own country that I haven't and might not ever see so I thank you.
    How wonderful to be able to see little Fox take this first steps! As a Grandma myself I know how thrilled you must have been to be there.

  20. what a cute baby!!

    can't stop looking at your photos!!

    have a great weekend!

    betty xx

  21. How special to be there for Fox's first steps!

  22. Diane, I have enjoyed your tour across America and your photos. It is really cool that you were able to be there when Fox took his first steps. What a great time. I enjoyed this post and photo too. Fox is just so cute.

  23. I enjoyed your experiences and the record in photos. How will you ever top this?

  24. Great Photos! I live in the Los Angeles area and rarely visit the places you did on your tour. I need to get out more often and visit some of our local tourist traps :-)

  25. Looks like you had a great trip but I'm betting that Fox's first steps were the crowning highlight. He is absolutely adorable.

    But there is another post on my dashboard hinting that Fox may not be an only child much longer??

  26. I've enjoyed coming on holiday with you! And love that last photo of Fox. What a charmer he is.

  27. The perfect ending of your tour watching the first steps of little Fox ! Apparently Toby instead of learning to sit alone without falling aside, wants to stand and makes little steps, I heard on the phone. Now I think that's a little exaggerated he is only 10 months old. But you know proud parents ...

  28. Must be my Alzheimer, I commented here already, sorry !

  29. I have to catch up with the rest of your trip!

    The first steps are always so much fun to see were very lucky to have been there during that time :)