Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


On the way from Las Vegas to Los Angeles we stopped at Calico Ghost Town. Bill giggled when he saw the  Open Hours sign when it was supposed to be a Ghost Town. (He has a funny sense of humour). Anyway, Calico was a silver and borax mining town in the late 1800's. In 1951 it was restored by Walter Knott and donated to the San Bernardino County in 1966. Now it is a historic tourist attraction and camping area. It is a good way for people to learn about history. There are hands on activities too.
Calico Ghost Town

Sweet Shoppe

Bath house

Fire engine

I was fascinated with the old time doors.

 After this we stopped at Barstow where there are a large number of  discount outlet stores of famous brand names. We didn't have room in the suitcases for any more clothes and neither of us are fussed on shopping for shopping sake, so we only  bought a few gifts for the young ones in L.A.
Unfortunately, my Bronchitis was getting worse despite taking antibiotics. I was looking forward to seeing Sonya, Bernie and Fox again in L.A. and to getting on the plane for home. 


  1. What a shame you got sick on your vacation. Looks like a neat little town but I can understand how much you were looking forward to seeing the family. Whenever I am at the end of a vacation I feel a bit like a homing pigeon. Enjoyed the photos again.

  2. Looks a cute Ghost Town.
    Oh my dear me, sorry to read you had bronchitis, I do hope you didn't get any worse. Not fun being ill whilst on holidays, just been through that myself with a nasty the past now and always nice to get home after a holiday.
    I too like those doors.

  3. I haven't been to this place -- looks more like a theme park than a ghost town. Have passed through Bastow a couple of times but never inclined to stop ... just not a shopper.

    It has been a long and eventful trip I am not surprised you were ready to go home.

  4. The best vacation is the one you are ready to return home from!

  5. now THIS is a place i would love to see, i love all things western and old west towns.

  6. Diane, I like the doors too. Since you were not feeling well, I bet you were really glad that the trip was winding down.

  7. I think Calico would be an interesting place to see. We passed through some deserted-looking towns when we were traveling some of the back roads, but I don't think any qualified as ghost towns.
    I'm not much of a shopper either, so I can understand why you passed up the opportunity to get more things to carry back home.

  8. I spent a lot of time in the South West, and love the rocky scenery. Every few miles I would jump out of the car to take pictures of the Landscape. After the north East Hurricane Irene, its nice to see a dry location in pictures. Everything is mushy here and it is still raining. Cheers i've ordered pumps and a new generator.

  9. Ghosts also have working hours, so that sign doesn't surpise me at all. I have also seen a ghost town on the way from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, so I suppose it's the same unless say have found a new one in between !

  10. Nice old ghost town. Lots of former mining towns scattered around North America, and the ones kept in good repair are indeed good places to learn history.
    So sorry you were sick on your vacation.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  11. A long trip like you all had is wonderful --but one does get tired. Getting sick doesn't help. I'm always glad to get home -and sleep in my own bed, after our trips.

    They keep that old ghost town pretty well fixed up, don't they???? Guess it's there for the tourists!

    We have tons of outlet malls around here... Sometimes you can get really good prices in them and sometimes not... I don't go there very often.


  12. That is not nice feeling sick. I think is was a rather exhausting travel. You sometimes want some time for yourself and put your feet up, but you have to go on with the tour.

  13. What a cute Ghost Town, it must attract a lot of tourist. I am sorry you were not feeling well, but you are better now? It is not good to be sick while on vacation. Lovely photos.

  14. We camped there once years and years ago...and .... meh! (Same as you). You could see a lot of stars at night though -- as compared to LV or LA (I mean the kind in the sky ;>)

  15. Interesting report of a "Ghost Town" - looks very touristy and good luck to the proprieters of the shops etc. If they disappeared the place would be a "Ghost Town" - the picture of that first entry - the rail thing and the path looks like this could have been the location of the movie - "Hombre", Paul Newman and the Aussie, Diane Cilento. Maybe a US viewer might have more information???
    Rainbow Lorikeet:
    Lovely photo on top - you are lucky even though they are noisy, all these around here from 10 years back have gone - thanks of the Indian Myrnas!
    Well done again Diane

  16. Actually, passing by your blog again just now I do remember that I have been to this place. I find my overseas travels all end up as a blur in the end ... that's the benefit of a blog.

  17. i'm so sorry you got sick on your vacation, diane.

    looks like a hauntingly beautiful place.
    how i'd have loved being there with you.

    those photos are amazing!

    nicely done. :)

    have a great day!

    betty xx

  18. First of all, love your new header photo - both so beautiful, the Lorikeet and Grevillea.
    The ghost town looks like a fun place to ramble through.
    Sorry to hear that bronchitis hung on.

  19. Thank you for the views of Calico Ghost Town...I've never been there. I remember when Barstow was a tiny stop on the road...not much there but sand and heat!

  20. not nice being sick on holiday... poor you.