Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Birthday Bear has his/her own blog now, so if you are not familiar with Birthday Bear you can read how it all started and the idea behind the tradition HERE.

Birthday Bear is going to the COTAH Restaurant to celebrate Mary's birthday together with a bunch of retirees. COTAH is the College of Tourism and Hospitality. The restaurant is run by the students.

The college is at South Bank in the city. I forgot my camera and used my phone. That was just one of the glitches we had on the night. On the way I received a text from the bank saying my keycard may have been copied so would I go and change my PIN, just what you need on the way to a birthday dinner with friends.
It wasn't an easy place to find but when we arrived Birthday Bear was already there, sitting up waiting to surprise Mary. Mary volunteers at a community Library and she is often wondering where to go on her next holiday. So Bear has thinking bubbles suggesting places of interest to visit. She also has travel brochures and her passport ready.
She is sitting in her Library (real photos of her library) She also has jigsaw puzzles and afternoon tea with a birthday cake ready. Helen and Paul did a great job of dressing Birthday Bear.
Unfortunately there were a few more glitches before the fun could start. Mary's taxi driver couldn't find the venue and got caught in grid lock going around the block trying to find us. Finally when he found the place Mary discovers she has lost her phone probably in the cab. So poor Mary was a little agitated by the time she arrived.

However, when she spied Birthday Bear she felt much happier.

The students did a good job with dinner. Calamari entree.

Chicken mains or
Tiramisu or
crepes for dessert.

In the end Mary was smiling and..... .

....we all had a good time.


  1. Thank you for sharing this Diane. I love following birthday bear around. You people sure know how to have fun and eat good food. God bless

  2. Hello Diane,
    Well goodness me, you are lucky the bank let you know about your pin number. Was there a 3rd thing that went wrong?
    Seems you all had a good night.

  3. What a nice use ! I should introduce this here too, a very nice idea !

  4. Gday Diane, Thank you for your visit and lovely comment,
    Love birthday bear will be back to follow him around..
    Looks like a great time was had by all, and the food looks so yummy.. call again,

  5. Love the dreaming of holiday destinations! Glad it all worked out in the end.

  6. That birthday bear sure has a good time. Such the little social animal.

    The food looks wonderful -- especially those crepes!

  7. I think one of the things I miss most living the way I do is not being able to visit with my girl friends very often. I love your Birthday Bear, and all the fun and memories she provides. I'm looking forward to her next adventure.

  8. That sweet bear need her/his (depending on the birthday-person)blog! You all have such a good time - hopefully, you went into the bank and didn't text or anything with your number! Here in America we have been having TONZZ of creeps trying new ways all the time to get personal information - we have to be VERY cautions and suspicious - something I'm not usually..

  9. I'm glad you all had fun even though the eveing had some glitches, and Birthday Bear looked dashing as always!