Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A chocolate fix and lunch with a view.

Last Monday we were invited to the Gold Coast for lunch with friends, Keith and Barbara, who are there on holidays from London. On the way we stopped for a coffee but changed our mind when we found this interesting cafe called "Choclicious."

We had a hot chocolate instead of coffee and it was delicious.

While waiting to be served I saw these funny signs outside the cafe.

I liked the one above best.

I thought they were relevant to share with you as Easter is almost here.

Then it was time to find our friend's apartment. It was on the 6th floor and had a great view of the ocean and it was relaxing listening to the waves rolling in.

What can I see happening on the beach.......
Aha! Preparations for a beach wedding, sadly for them there was a very strong breeze... strong that this kite surfer was flying across the water at a great speed.

Just a little way along from the wedding was a class of school children having a surfing lesson.

Another class was having a board riding lesson.

We were served a nice lunch with a fabulous view.


  1. Sounds like a the type of cafe I would like as I love chocolate like any normal person.

    I love hot chocolate as I don't drink coffee and during the winter months I drink a lot of hot chocolate.

  2. What a fun day! Love all the chocolate signs- and I believe every one of them :-)

    The view that your friend has is wonderful - enjoy your day and the rest of the week!

  3. I was sent your link from Lucy...she knows I am obsessed with chocolate and told me I needed to visit! I LOVE the quotes! They are so perfect! Do you mind if I steal them for my blog???? Love it!!! The beach pix are sure beautiful! I would love to visit Australia someday!!!

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  5. Firstly, I am craving chocolate so badly!!! ;) Those signs were a hoot. Looked like a fun and delicious place for a stop. Your beach photos are great too. Happy Easter!

  6. wow that was so exciting and it seems that they really have fun
    and the choco drink was so tempting heheh
    by the way diane
    i just tagged you in my blog
    hope you can participate

  7. Jodi: Go for it. Spread the word about chocolate. You can use the quotes/pics.

  8. believe it or not i haven't had any chocolate today and i've got a bit of a craving. a little one. i think i'll make shazam's chocolate cake tomorrow. i just need a few ingredients. pity about the beach wedding. i'd love to get married on the beach next time. :) Fran

  9. See I told you other people love chocolate too...