Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, November 29, 2008


We don't usually see the opera house from this angle. Our daughter sent us the picture. She works at the opera house as a production manager. One of her jobs was to organise the setting up of "The Speigeltent" on the forcourt. (The round white shape in front). She also organised all the shows to be played in the tent.

The usual view, pity it wasn't a blue sky the day I took this. The white sails look great against a blue sky.

Stairs to the front of the opera house.

Sonya in her office
What a view to meet you every day when you get to work...the harbour and the famous bridge is just to the left.
On a visit to Sydney last year.


  1. Hello Diane...

    It is a magnificent view and one lucky ducky to be able to sit and ponder through that glass....If it were me I don`t think i`d be getting much work done...:)

    I`ve been to the opera house once when I was very young...It was totally amazing...

    Something you`ll never forget....

  2. What an office! Great to see the view from the air, though dare I say the "Speigeltent" looks like a big dunny seat being bombarded by paper planes?

    No matter, wonderful job your Sonya has.

  3. She does have quite the view at work!
    I have seen this building so many times on television...Now I can say that I (sort of) know some one who works there.;)

    Your daughter is lovely!

    God Bless,

  4. You daughter is even more beautiful than the view! Thanks for sharing these photos. I love the looking down shot onto the top of the opera house----as you said, a most unusual view!

  5. Wonderful hsots, and what a unique building! It reminds me of the Denver International Airport.

  6. Lucky girl and luckier parents!

    Great shots!



  7. Diane I have just done a Post on BigBlog telling Carla's story if you are interested.

    I do think on my Blogger I will have to go back to that time....

    I am looking to keep this as a record for my children.

    Thanks for sharing the journey..

  8. Oh I have always loved the look of the opera house, I hope I get to see it in person one day.

  9. Thanks for sending me this link, Diane, and the other one.
    What an exciting job this must have been for Sonya!

    The opera house looks so unique from every angle -- I loved it! We went inside for a portion of the building but when we found out that photos were not allowed on the tour I decided not to spend the $75 to take it.

    We had a blue sky the day we arrived in Sydney and on the day we left, so I tried to get photos of the house then, as it looks so extra beautiful with the blue contrast.

    One of the prettiest views that I saw of it was at sunset one day as it was lit with an orange color from the sun, but unfortunately I did not have my camera with me as we were going to a dinner held by the company and I knew I wasn't going to take photos there.