Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I have a blogger friend, Cindy, who lives in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Cindy is an artist and photographer. The other night she heard a squawking and commotion in her back yard, so she went to investigate. This is what she saw and photographed...........

....a python has caught a cockatoo for dinner. It coils around the bird and crushes it.
Then opens its jaws, which are not joined so they can expand to an enormous size........ ...and then the python starts to swallow the bird whole.
Squeeze and swallow.
Beak, bones and feathers and all.
Nearly all gone.
The last feather.
Oh, yum, that was hard work but delicious.
My belly is full.
Now lets go and snooze for a week until this has digested.
Here I come....ssssssssssssCindy for dessert, camera and all.
Cindy took 63 shots and the media was very interested. Read more on her blog at
Thank you Cindy for allowing me to use your photos on my blog.


  1. Pythons? You have pythons? Okay..I'm taking back my yearning to come down there. I think I'm physically sick at the thought. Because.... snakes just have no right at being able to get that big. Eeeeyuk. I think I'm going out in the desert and find a coyote to pet.


  2. Shiver, makes me not like snakes very much.

  3. That snake of Cindy's gave me the creeps and this morning went to move the Subaru, check the oil and water as you do and..........ole' Slytherian are next Beware


  4. Thank you, Diane, for the lovely comment you left on my blog. I love to know when someone enjoys my photography.

    Love your blog, especially the name! And the link to Cindy's blog was great as I really enjoyed the photos of birds she has posted. The snakes I can do wiithout....

    I'll be "visiting" you again and again as I've added you to my favorites.

    All the best,

  5. Thanks for stopping by! I have to say THIS is an interesing post!


  6. Ditto to what Dianne said, "Shiver!"

    But what amazing photos!..My husband and boys will love seeing this, so I will be back in a bit to show them.


  7. I don't like snakes much:( This made me like them even less.