Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


A few years ago we went to Perth on a wine tour. We visited the Swan Valley and Margaret River wineries. We took a train to Fremantle and a boat back to Perth.We also saw a working sheep station and Cape Llewellyn,where two oceans meet.
Perth from Kings Park
An English mall in Perth

the town tourist tram
the train to Fremantle
Historic buildings in Fremantle
Cape Llewellyn
where two oceans meet
a Margaret River vineyard
a Margaret River winery
a working sheep station


  1. My daughter was only talking to me yesterday about going over to Perth in the holidays with her grandmother....It looks lovely....

  2. Hi Diane, I love the old trolley cars. In the '60s I used to frequent a music venue called the Trolley Car Bar near Sydney Uni. and listen to the jugbands. It was designed to resemble a trolley car with seats either side and a narrow aisle. I have always longed for one.
    I hope your 17 weeks sojourn results in lots of lovely pics.