Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, June 29, 2008


When you are young, you can't wait for a birthday to come.
When you are middle aged, you don't want birthdays to come.
When you are old, you are happy to have made it to the next birthday.
I had a birthday last week and I had a peek over my past.

I was born during the war in England
a shy 4 year old
on board the ship migrating to Australia-a real adventure
a happy Aussie 8 year old
the terrible teens
adulthood here I am
Just Married! in Papua/New Guinea
a new mum
family time
Gosh! 50 years old
enjoying the senior years


  1. Great memories. And pics. I too look back alot. Seems such a long time but really only has been just a moment I think sometimes. It goes fast.

  2. Hi Diane, had a chuckle at your comment. Would you believe that this is my attempt to live in the 'now' in my Down to Earth site. I only saw the show last week and bxxger it was still a trip down memory lane wasn't it?

  3. This is too true about birthdays Diane....

    Thanks for sharing with the photos....You little stunner you....

  4. Lovely memories Diane. Happy belated birthday.They seem to come around a lot quicker when you get to our age.

  5. Found you Diane!

    I can't believe that you were EVER a SHY child!

    Loved the Perth pics as well.

    Birthdays! 21 is such a lovely age.



  6. Hi Diane,
    Your birthday celebrations would have been special and belated wishes...
    Kind regards, Elizabeth