Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, June 15, 2008


This weekend we had a birthday celebration at Jupiter's Casino on The Gold Coast.We stayed at the Conrad Hotel at the casino.
the casino
we took a ride in the monorail
the monorail was made in Bill's hometown in Switzerland-Thun
we walked to the beach where there were many tourists
we saw the sunset on the Q1 building, the spire makes it taller than the Eureka in Melbourne
next morning we go up
the Q1 building
the observation deck

looking south
looking west

looking up
looking down


  1. Wow, 'looking down' is different. I missed you by a week, we went to the Casino for a snack after the Arlo Guthrie show

  2. I do love that 'lookin down' photo it is fantastic, could I copy it. I would love to frame it.
    Do it again and put your initials on it like Margaret does.

    Thanks for your comment on '60s. Frank Ifield's hit 'Lovesick Blues' was written by the fabulour Hank Willimas, I will let you know as I am doing a post on him soon. Mentioned him in an earlier post 'John of the Sirius' way back.

  3. I LOVE these pictures. I mentioned in a comment back to you on my blog....I've got to learn how to use a camera and post pictures. One of these days I want to see Australia and everywhere else on the planet. By the way....I love your blog title. I understand it well. :)

  4. Fab photography Mum! I love the looking up shot too. Love the architectural geometry, and the big ole bule sky. Oh how I miss the sunshine...
    Love Carol xxx

  5. Finally found the comments. Both of you shud be hired by George Lucas or Steven Spielberg as you have a wonderful knack of putting it all together so finely. Terrific photography too.