Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I moved to Brisbane 38 years ago and adopted it as my home town. It used to be a big country town, slow and friendly. Now it is becoming a busy city.

The Storey Bridge

Brisbane River South Bank

The City Cat

The Old Treasury Building now the casino

Post Office Square
Sofitel Hotel
The casual people of Brisbane


  1. Hey...thanks for stopping by my blog. I love company! And I love these pictures of Australia. Ahhh...another place on the earth that I really want to see someday. Love your blog.

  2. Hi,
    Been a while since I was in brissy.
    Good pic's

  3. Hello Diane....
    It`s been a lot of years for me also since being to Brisbane....I was 13 years of age and don`t remember much in the way of sky scraper buildings like now....

  4. Exactly 38 years ago I visited Brisbane and decided that was the place for me. I never moved there but, now have family there and went to the Casino (for a late night snack only, after the Arlo Guthrie show). Everything has changed I can't even find the parts of the city I fell in love with.
    Thanks for all your comments to me recently, been a tad busy, regards