Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, June 5, 2021


HOTA is the Home Of The Arts. It is a cultural precinct situated in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast City, Queensland. Hota presents live music, theatre, dance, comedy, opera, kids shows, art and cinema from local , national and international artists. It is surrounded by parklands and lake.

We were invited by friends to visit the new Art Gallery at HOTA and to have lunch in the HOTA Cafe. There were six of us. We used to be neighbours in the seventies and eighties and we have kept in touch by having lunch together three times a year.

We walked through the parklands and found some interesting sculptures.

Then we came to the new Art Gallery. It's a quirky building with five floors of Art and an observation deck and coffee shop. That's the bit sticking out at the top. We went up there first. The views were lovely.

This is the original Arts Centre. It now houses theatres, cinemas and cafe.

View from observation deck of Surfer's Paradise. The ocean is on the other side of the towers.

After coffee in the cafe we started going down floor by floor and enjoying the art instalations.
These are mimi people by aboriginal sculptors.
History piece by indigenous  artist.

I was remiss in not getting the name of the artists.

Then we went across the way to the other building where we had a delicious lunch. It was a lovely day with old friends and a new art gallery.


  1. The gallery looks interesting and how nice to catch up with very long time friends.

  2. I like the design of the gallery. It welcomes you in with its bright colours.

  3. I want to visit this place. love the glass part and the deck and coffee cafe.. beautiful and really true art. i could spend hours in that complex.. great idea to keep in touch in beautiful places.

  4. Great to have everything in one place like that. From what I see on various blogs I rather like the work of the indigenous artists.

  5. Good to catch up with neighbours from years ago.
    Looks interesting the place and I love all those stripes, certainly catches ones eye.

  6. Oh my gosh I would love to visit HOTA Diane what a stunning piece of architecture, as well as what it contains! Beautifully shown here. So fantastic that you keep in touch with old friends like this, you don't hear about that too often these days ✨

  7. Hello,
    I love the quirky design of the museum. The art work and display are cool. Looks like a fun day with your friends.
    Take care, have a great new week!

  8. I'd love to visit there - and what a great view from the deck.

  9. The new art gallery is very impressive, as are the works it contains.

  10. Can't help but think about how Surfers has changed over the years, I'd be totally lost there now. That is an impressive building and what a great idea to have a catch up in a place with so much to see.

  11. Great place and I do love that Koala in the first photo with Bill, along with all the other amazing exhibits. Outstanding photos of what looks like a great city!

  12. What a great museum, Diane, and just the sort of place we would enjoy visiting with those colorful and quirky figures. And, the views were quite wonderful too.

  13. Thanks for sharing the wonderful artwork. I love all the bright colors and the settings in which they are displayed. I have missed art so much during the pandemic and can’t wait until opportunities to see it abound again.

  14. I had know idea it was so large! Wow. I must go there one day.

  15. Old friends and new sights..Nothing better than that.
    Very eclectic museum..very enjoyable.