Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, February 6, 2020


My Story Continued
During the end of year school holidays in 1979 we hired a holiday house at Sunshine Beach on the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane. We shared with friends, Daphne, Nigel and son Iain. We spent every day on the beautiful beach.
It was a nice house on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean.

 Daphne and me watching the kids.

 I was teaching them how to surf on the rubber mats.

 Oops Carol gets tipped off.

One day we went to Tewantin and tried fishing. We didn't manage to catch dinner.

 On the way home we stopped  at the BIG cow.


  1. Hello, fun photos and memories of your beach vacation... Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend ahead.

  2. Looks like the start of Airbnb Diane 😉 perfect spot for a family holiday ✨

  3. Great family photos and great memories I'm sure :)

  4. Lovely memories...time does speed by.

  5. Funny that the cow udder are just reachable by children.

  6. Haven't seen that cow.
    What lovely memories and photos attached..

  7. What a delightful holiday and precious memories.

  8. You had that lovely beach practically to yourselves. It would have been lots of fun staying in that house, listening to the waves at night... always a lovely sound.
    Children have great fun in the water don't they.
    Your photos bring back memories of what we did as youngsters on the beach in Frankston, Vic. Dad would meet Mum and us there after work and we'd all have sandwiches as the sun went down - it's the small and happy things in life we remember best xx

  9. Hi Diane, I always loved your "Story" and popped in to read your blog seeing you had posted about it this week. Thank you for always commenting on my sporadic blog posts. I have been absent for a few weeks but hope to be back more regularly now again. Have a great day. Jo

  10. Those swimming togs brought back memories. I used to swim a lot as a kid.

  11. No wonder you love your beaches. Happy memories ! (And you’re still making new ones.)