Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, December 3, 2019


My Story Continued

Sonya was four years old and she was starting Pre-School where they attend each morning of the week. It was part of the State School system. Now that both girls were at school, I applied to become a relief teacher. I would get a call in the mornings if I was needed at a local school to take the place of an absent teacher. So I wasn't working everyday. On the days I went to work, I paid another mother to take Sonya to her house for the afternoon until I finished work and could pick her up. We had become a two car family so that I could drive to work. I had a battered old Ford but it did the job for a few years.

First day of Year2 for Carol-Ann.
The neighbours went to the same school.
 We all walked to school.
Sports Day and Carol was in Dennis House

Carol in Year 2,  Springwood Central State School,
fifth from left, front row.
Sonya turns five. 

Pretty cute
Our beautiful brown eyed girls.


  1. Nice remembrances if your daughter’s early school days, Diane. The last ohotk was lovely.

  2. Two lovely daughters. How time flies. I remember when my two were in school together. It was only for elementary school because they were 5 years apart in school so Emily was in 5th grade when Sarah was in kindergarten.

  3. They are cute Diane, precious moments captured here 💙

  4. you do have two beautiful brown eyed girls. and I know they enjoy all these memories of them growing up. looking at your battered old car, of which I have had MANY as I raised by kids reminded me that a few days ago Bob and I discussed both of us buying battered old cars, for 200 or 500 dollars and the fact that now here, there are no battered cheap cars for people to get by on... now a tire cost as much as the cars we bought.

  5. I hope the girls appreciate your posts. I wish I had children to add to my story telling and someone to pass on the important parts of my life to. Keep well, t'other iane

  6. Lovely memories and photos Diane. Nothing wrong with a Ford back then it got you where you had to go.
    Love the last photo, just beautiful.

  7. How cute ! I also like to see old pictures ! Dario was 4 months old when he was in daycare and then at 2 1/2 in Kindergarten. He loved it ! Was always complaining when I picked him up too early ! Toby started daycare too at 4 months. In Belgium there was no probhlem with daycares there were a lot of public once and private once. I think more then in all other countries, as both parents usually worked.

  8. Such cute girls. Wonderful memories. I love old photos like this!

  9. Lovely memories, so nice to see these old photographs.

    All the best Jan

  10. Great memories and great job getting them into post form. Envy your talent, dedication, brilliance .