Brisbane, QLD

Monday, September 2, 2019


My Story Continued:

By 1978 Bill had recovered his health and was learning to live with Sarcoidosis of the brain membrane. He has to take prednisone for  the rest of his life. He worked around the house most weekends. He built a brick BBQ, a patio and pergola and a timber shed.

He also built the girls a double bunk.
Daddy's girls

Our neighbours, a few houses down the street had two children a similar age, Adam and Joanne. They were good playmates and their mum often looked after our girls, especially when Bill was in hospital.


  1. Bill sounds like he was very good at building things. I respect a man that can build things and I also respect women who can make things (or the other way around) :-)

  2. the girls are so cute... love the umbrella shot.

  3. Gosh Bill certainly didn't let it hold him back Diane, he was so handy with his building skills 💜

  4. I'd hope neighbourly kindness is still common.

  5. Great pictures you've shared here :)

    All the best Jan

  6. The girls would have loved those bunks.

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