Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


The B&B provided pre dinner drinks before we went out for dinner. It was a great place. After dinner we had Port and Chocolates by the fire and then we crawled into our sumptuous bed.
The next morning we were treated to a delicious breakfast including cereals, all kinds of eggs with bacon, chipolata sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, croissants and pastries and home made bread for toast with homemade jams.

After breakfast we headed off to the Cob and Co Museum.

After the museum we drove to Spring Bluff historic station known for its award winning gardens. Passenger trains no longer use this line or station except for historic steam train trips from Brisbane to Toowoomba now and then.

Next to the station we found a cute little cafe selling a variety of pancakes. How could we resist?

While we were stuffing ourselves with Dutch style pancakes an empty coal train was heading to wards the mining district. Then a full one came trundling down the hill towards Brisbane Port. We drove back to Toowoomba and bought a sandwich for dinner at the B&B as we were too full of pancake to go out for dinner. However, Our hosts filled us up with canapés with our pre dinner sandwich drinks so we were too full to even eat our sandwich.


  1. You are really getting about, this looks a fabulous place. Take care t'other Diane

  2. Hello, what a nice getaway. The B&B sounds wonderful. The food delicious and the flowers are lovely. The Pancake Cottage cafe is cute. After this trip it would be hard to go back to meals at home. Enjoy your day and week ahead!

  3. The gardens at the station are wonderful.

  4. Beautiful place with lots of food! Dutch pancakes mmmmmm love them.

  5. My Ex Sis in Law used to sell Poffertjes from a caravan stall at the Frankston Market. Two things frighten me in life. One is juice bars and the other b&b accommodation. We like to be on our own, yet you are selling me on b&bs. Of course I would expect no less than beautiful garden and flower photos, and you did not disappoint. Quite interesting about the trains.

  6. all those gorgeous spring flowers are really a sight to see and I love the places you ate and the indoors are so pretty. what a great place to stay. never had dutch pancakes but know I would love them... I would love to visit that museum, I love wagons and stage coaches like I love trains

  7. Beautiful B&B and great service too.
    The town is so pretty with all those beautiful flowers :)

  8. That B and B is a bit of a find. What a delightful place.

  9. The gardens are lovely. I have to keep reminding myself that it is spring in your part of the world!

  10. That would have been something for me, such a beautiful place and then pancakes ! The Dutch once however I only know salty with ham and vegetables and rather thick, not like we have very thin and sweet with sugar or jam. Can imagine that you were full !

  11. It sounds as if you found a perfect B&B for your visit to Toowoomba. The gardens at the train station are gorgeous.

  12. It sounds like a great time was had at this gorgeous place!

  13. Delightful bed and breakfast and very pretty blooms. Sounds like they took care of you beautifully at the B & B.

  14. Toowoomba is certainly a very pretty city and has great civic pride.
    This "carnival of flowers" definitely brings in the tourists and that means
    money for the city.
    I went to boarding school there when I was ten. I recall mainly the
    damn freezing winters. I think the Sacred Heart School up in the hills
    where I went no longer exists. It was also a dairy farm providing milk
    for the people of Toowoomba - so besides schooling the boarders had
    farm life activities to do. Chook feeding, poddy feeding, vegetable gardening
    and if you were very good - mustering activities.
    Your excellent travel blogs, Diane, sure bring back some memories for
    some of us of our youth!

  15. Hadn't realised what a beautiful area it is!

  16. The best getaway! All makes me want to head for a B&B in some beautiful location.

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