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Thursday, March 29, 2018


On the second day of our trip to Singapore we had a full day touring around the city. First we walked around Little India (last post). Then we boarded the coaches for the Colonial District.
In 1819, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles negotiated a treaty whereby Johor allowed the British to locate a trading port on the island, leading to the establishment of the British colony of Singapore in 1824.
 The Padang (Field in Malay) is the recreation ground established by Raffles in 1907. The buildings were the Supreme Court and Town Hall but now they are housed in the building behind which looks like an UFO. These buildings are now the National Gallery.

 The cricket club was formed in 1860's with this club house opening in 1884.

At the other end of the field is the Recreation Club also built in 1884. Still used by many different sporting clubs.

Saint Andrew's Cathedral, the largest in Singapore. It is a very beautiful and impressive Anglican Church built in the Neo-Gothic style.

 I loved how most of the city trees have epiphytes growing on them.

 It was time to board the coach for the River cruise.

 We arrived at the river and walked to Clarke Quay.

 We piled into two boats.

 And had a relaxing cruise to Marina Bay.

 The contrasting architecture was interesting.

 It was a hazy day but the Marina Sands Hotel and the Science Centre were still an impressive sight. We were going to the top of that afterwards.

 We disembarked at Merlion Park. The Merlion is the Singapore icon. It has a lion's head and a fish's body. Singapura means Lion City. 

It was very hot and humid and we tired easily but here we had an ice-cream and found some shade to wait for the coach.


  1. I would love to see Singapore again now I have a good camera but it is highly unlikely. I must track down our old photos (before digital) and see what I recognise from your photos. Sounds like you had a good time. Take care t'other Diane

  2. Hello, what a great tour of the city. The hotel Sands is an amazing building. I would like the river walk and boat ride. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  3. such a beautiful city to visit. that catherdral is beautiful and the tree below it is amazing. i thought in that one photo that visitors from out of space had landed their space ship on the building...

  4. There's certainly been a lot of building since Sir Thomas's time; I wonder what he'd think of the place today.

  5. I remember the cathedral. There is so much to do and see in Singapore. Our friend who has just died stayed one night at the Marina Sands Hotel just for the views and swim in its spectacular infinity pool.

  6. Wonderful set of photos.
    All looks rather nice except for the greenish water.

  7. I saw a PBS show on the building of the Marina Sands it was really interesting. Love your shot of the cathedral, it looks much cooler with the gray skies I think. Oh yes and still ADORE the picture of you and your beloved. THAT is a keeper forever!

  8. I love the trees too! What a nice tour, buildings, lovely bus, cathedral were so neat. I can see why you tired easily...its a lot of work to be a tourist

  9. Great photos - it all looks very exotic - I think having a knowledgeable guide would make it all so much more enjoyable.

  10. I have only passed through Singapore's airport and, despite all the cajoling from friends, I've never managed to make a trip part of my priorities. Somehow I think I would love it and it's good to see it through someone else's eyes.

  11. Thanks for sharing these photos with us. Singapore is a very impressive city.

  12. Just been back to look at the Little India part of your trip Diane, how fab! Gosh Singapore has changed a lot since I was last there but one thing that will never change is the humidity.. I remember it well ☺ Looks like a wonderful but exhausting time was had by all ✨

  13. Great to see your photos. I'd never visit there as I can't cope with heat and humidity.

  14. Interesting to see the views of Singapore. That hotel is very famous, have seen it many times on photos.

  15. The statue is so interesting.... quite a change in architecture and appearance from the first part you visited. We would love the marina area. Heat and humidity probably wouldn't bother us ... although we need to stop frequently when exploring (it sounds so much better to say that is why you are resting instead of just that you are ancient of age!).