William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus.

Sunday, June 26, 2016


After our historic train ride from nowhere to nowhere, the coach picked us up and we drove to Karumba. (see map). A port town on the north coast of Queensland in the Gulf of Carpentaria. No sooner had we booked into our motel, our guides walked us to the beach. We were reminded to keep a look out for crocodiles. We climbed aboard a little boat for a sunset cruise to a sand island where we had a crab and prawn dinner.
It took about 30 mins to arrive at a small sand island only inhabited by a flock of pelicans.

 As we disembarked we were handed a souvenir wine glass with "Croc and Crab Cruise" etched on it.

Soon we all had it filled with our choice of wine.

 As the sun was setting the organisers set up tables and chairs and a buffet of prawns, crabs, chicken, barramundi fish, salads and quiche.

I didn't take any crab as I find them difficult to eat and I wanted to take photos of the sunset. It was hard enough balancing the plate, the glass of wine and a big camera.

 After the delicious picnic washed down with more wine, I danced to the end of the island to see the pelicans.

It was so peaceful watching the sun go down over the gulf in the warm, balmy, tropical evening. 


  1. Blimey you guys know how to have fun Diane😃 Did you see any crocs? The last three sunset shots are gorgeous, especially the last with the silhouettes!

    1. Didn't see any crocs on this day but did on other tours.

  2. really beautiful view from that island.. i am wondering if the crocs can get on that island. i dont do boats or islands so no problem here... i like the boat you were on .

  3. Hello, Diane! What a fabulous tour! The boat ride, pelicans, dinner and wine and that stunning sunset. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing your trip!

  4. What an awesome experience. I'm not usually given to the fifth of the seven deadly sins but.........

  5. What a sunset! I'm with you about crab and prawns too. Just too hard. I guess it is about logistics, but tables would have been nice.

  6. Great photos and report.
    I hardly think tables would be in great supply in that area - ha ha.
    Salt water Crocs !!! I would have been very much on the lookout for croc. tracks
    in the sand.

  7. I reckon Tim would love the "Croc and Crab Cruise"

  8. Wow that must have been wonderful ! What beautiful pictures !

  9. Beautiful pictures of the sunset and the pelicans, very special place in the water just a piece of sand.

  10. Wow---what an amazing trip you all had... I have enjoyed reading all about it in your posts... That sunset had to be totally amazing... Isn't it fabulous to be able to get away from humans (except for those you were with)---and enjoy NATURE at its finest??? WOW---I would LOVE it...


  11. What a feast -- for the taste buds and the eyes!

  12. Oh my, this looks so delightful, Diane! I love prawns(shrimp) and could eat a whole plateful. I agree crabs cab be hard to eat unless they are softshell crabs.

  13. What a fun cruise. Good company, good food, good wine. Perfection! We have gone crabbing ourselves for Dungeness crab here on the Oregon coast and they are absolutely delicious. But they are one of those things that are best eaten only in the company of people you love and only when eating is the only thing you have to do on that whole evening! They are time-consuming and messy! But oh so good. I would have eaten double helpings of shrimp instead had I been on your cruise.

  14. it's looks lovely and peaceful. lovely photos as usual Diane.

  15. While it was nice to have a picnic on the beach, it does seem a bit impractical to manage the food and photo equipment. I too would have sacrificed eating in favor of photographing the scenery and lovely sunset.