Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Monday, November 17, 2014


Friday 14/11/14
We dressed with everything we could find to keep warm and walked into town. It was about 3 to 4 miles. We found the Hall of Fame and went inside for a hot drink to thaw out before we started sight seeing.  We pushed on to find the Ole Oprey theatre which is actually the Ryman Theatre where the Ole Oprey radio show was broadcast live. Now it is at Opreyland out of town and we didn't have a car. The theatre was full of history but they didn't have tours so we went out into the cold street and walked down Broadway to buy a ticket for the Hop on Hop off trolley bus. Every  Honky Tonk bar we passed, and there were many, all had live music playing. We walked around a Candy Factory. There was an amazing array of sweets . The Candied Apples were huge. Finally we arrived at the trolley bus station by the river and we bought tickets and huddled in the warm waiting room. We decided to do the round trip rather than hop off into the cold. However, the driver, who was most informative, stopped in the best places for shots of the important places like the Capitol Building. We decided to catch a taxi home rather than walk up hill for 3 miles home. That night we braved the elements again and walked a few blocks to the local eateries for dinner. This time it was Josephine's . The meals were interesting and huge. Bill and I shared a chicken meal but it was a whole chicken.
We passed one of the many universities on our way to the city.

I loved all the different coloured trees and the carpet of leaves. We don't see that at home.

There were icicles on the shrubs

The travellers hopped off the bus for a shot in front of the Tennessee State Capitol Building way in the distance on top of the hill.

Broadway in Nashville full of live music flowing into the street. The city screams "Music Capital of the World" on every corner.

The Ryman Theatre the original home of the Ole Oprey live radio music show.

Just one of the many candy kitchens.

Time to hop back on the bus out of the cold.


  1. It was bad enough in London when I was served half a chicken, but a whole chicken? Cold wasn't radiating from your post until I saw the icicles on the shrub. The town looks surprisingly nice.

  2. Despite the cold, looks like y'all are having a fabulous time. Nashville is a pretty cool town and y'all are making the most of your visit.

  3. Brrrr. We've been to Tennessee several times, but never Nashville somehow, not country fans, but still we should have gone there...

  4. When those early sharecroppers sat out on the front porch picking a few notes on the old banjo they couldn't have anticipated how much money was to be made from the music!

  5. I was there in a much warmer period May 2008, did you go into the Music Hall of fame, I liked it to see all the items they had inside of the artists.

  6. glad you found some good transportation to take you around and show you some sites. love the candied apples!

  7. my favorite pic is the trolley, would love to ride on it. i have only driven through Nasville on the interstate when i was driving for JB Hunt trucking.. you have seen more of USA than I have..

  8. looks nice but it is cold for you but not me a person from Europe

  9. Gosh you are all rugged up.
    Big meals then :)

  10. Looks like a fun trip! Nashville is an interesting but rather touristy place isn't it!

  11. Looks like a cute bus! I love the coloured trees too. You all look cute rugged up against the cold. The icicles on the bush made me and David giggle. Brrr