Brisbane, QLD

Friday, July 26, 2013


This was the day I had been looking forward to for some time. The day that I could tick off "Tip of Australia" from my bucket list. We drove for 34 k on a narrow, rugged red road lined by a variety of different forests. We had a roller coaster ride over huge corrugations, pot holes and creek crossings, it was rough. We were entertained by Adrian, a fellow passenger. It was his turn to sit up front with the driver. He had the mike and was hilariously funny.  He was"helping" drive by calling out where the pot holes were but he kept telling us that the driver was purposely driving into the holes.(He wasn't really Chris was a very good driver).
Pajinka is the aboriginal name for "The Tip". The graffiti says OBOY.
One hopes you don't meet another vehicle. We actually met three in a convoy but the drivers use two way radios  to help manoeuvre into a spot where they can pass.

 The road ended at a small car park and we had to walk the rest of the way. There are two ways to get to the tip; along the beach at low tide or over the rocks. 

 We tried the beach route first but we couldn't get through as rocks had blocked the path and the tide still hadn't gone out enough.

 So back we went and up over the rocks we scrambled.

 Looking to the west over Frangipani Beach was spectacular.

It wasn't long before we could almost see "The Tip".
The mainland stops but an island is right opposite the tip. You can't see the water in between yet. We have to get closer.

 We waited here for everyone to catch up. I was so excited to be here.

The northern most tip of the Australian mainland. There are many many islands in the Torres Strait between Australia and Papua/New Guinea, which belong to Australia.

You are standing at the northernmost point of the Australian continent.
 I am holding the 'stolen' cup from the Bullock Creek Cafe. We were asked to take photos of it in interesting places and post it on their website.

 After everyone had a photo taken and a wondrous look around at the lovely scenery we clammbered up the hill and over the rocks back to the bus.

 The wind had become very strong and it wasn't an easy walk back trying to hold your hat, camera and keep balance but it was great fun. I loved every minute of it.

 On the way back we stopped for a picnic lunch at Somerset Beach. I asked TOH to watch for crocodiles while I tried to get a low down shot but instead he thought it was fun to snap me himself.

Somerset has a history. It was originally settled by the government as a northern outpost and defence base but it was unsuccessful due to the lack of a suitable harbour as all supplies were brought by ship. The settlement was moved to Thursday Island, which was the next place on our itinerary.

 Each segment of the trip passengers took it in turns to sit up front of the bus/truck. This shot was taken at Moreton Station but I just wanted to show you the bus.

It was my turn up front going back from the tip to Bamaga

 I turned and took a shot behind me through the hole between the truck and the cabin.

 It is even more bumpy in the front but at least you can see the holes you are about to fall into.
It was a fabulous day!


  1. So interesting. This post made me wonder where the 'tip' of the US would me. Now I have to see a map of both countries.

  2. What a fabulous culmination of a remarkable trip. The scenery is stunning, all the more so because it is so isolated.
    Many thanks for the tour.

  3. If I could fly or float, Pajinka would be at the top of my bucket list.. I love that second photo.. the scenery, the beaches, even that clay road, all call to me. a beautiful fantastic trip you had...

  4. Wow wow wow! Amazing! What an adventure you've had! The pointy bit at the top looks kind of like I imagine to be. Love the red roads again. I can feel your excitement in the way your write, Mum. It's contagious ! Love you x

  5. oh, the roads and the 'meeting of vehicles' would be interesting! glad you got to the tip!

  6. What a fun and awesome adventure. I am very glad that no crocodiles showed up while you were in that position, but bet you would have become very speedy if one had! That is one serious bus you went in! Very cool

  7. Frangipani Beach looks fabulous Diane..gosh you've taken so many beautiful shots on this trip, it's been really great to share this experience with you.

  8. You made it! It's beautiful! It's good to have entertaining fellow travelers. But I bet you will appreciate your local paved roads a lot more now. I can't think of a prettier name for a beach than frangipani. :-)

  9. Diane, you and Bill have the most fantastic times together! I know what a thrill it is to see the "tip" of a country as i felt that way in key West when were were at the most southern tip of the USA. Luckily we were able to get there quite easily--no climb or Your Autralian tip was so beautiful! I love the name "frangipani beach."

  10. Diane, what a beautiful place to visit. The beach and the water is gorgeous! I like the shot of you holding the cup and flag! Thanks for taking me along! Wonderful photos!

  11. Wonderful to be at the most northern place of Australia. Love the whole trip. Our bus looked a bit older then yours. We even lost a wheel at some point!

  12. What a great achievement to have seen the tip of such a huge continent. I am thrilled to have been taken along as well.

  13. Congratulations on arriving saftely to 'The Top'. Corrigated roads are not so good to travel on for any distance.
    You certainly look happy and excited standing there with the sign the mug and the Australian Flag :)

  14. You sure made it an exciting post for me Diane. Congratulations on fulfilling your dream to go to the tip of Australia. And I love the coconut shot and the view of the beach. All your photos are great!

  15. Congrats on making it to the TIP... What an achievement... AND you even had your little cup to take a picture at the point... NEAT!!!!! Bumpy or not--I would have LOVED ever minute of it.. SO glad you got to go... Great set of photos... What is that you are taking a picture of when you were on the sand????


  16. 'We waited here for everyone to catch up.' Bragging! I just looked at a map and there are so many islands there, you could island hop to PNG. Most don't seem of have inhabitants.

  17. I'm SOOOOOOO jealous!! Haven't ever been that high - just a little further north than Cooktown!!! But now I see I'll HAVE to do it - just for that awesome RED road!!

  18. Yay, you made it and knocked another amazing place off your list! I've sure enjoyed being along for the ride. I love your smile in the photo at the tiptop of Australia.

  19. I have to say the views are bloody marvelous I would so love to be able to get there and see those views for myself.

  20. Amazing. The very top of Australia! Frangipani Beach begs further exploration. Great shot of the coconut - MOH would likely do the same a yours.

  21. Your photos are lovely, very clear and sharp Diane. You have to be happy with your camera equipment :)