Brisbane, QLD

Friday, January 25, 2013


A few days ago we had to go into the city for a U3A meeting. After the meeting we had a walk through town. I'm always attracted to sculptures and public art that we come across. Here are a few that I saw on this day:
We walked into the Queen St Mall, as usual full of people, tourists and locals going here and going there in a variety of summer attire.Then I noticed an interesting facade peeping through the trees.

It is the facade for three entrances to the Wintergarden Shopping Centre.

As I got closer, I saw that it was more than just a facade but a giant work of art. It was created by Architects "Studio 505" and the consultant artist was John Warwicker. It cost $6.5m.

 It is described as "Nature, geometry and layering communicates the rich diversity of life". It is more than an illustration. "The engagement with the facade lies within the irresolvable ambiguity." (You got that?)

 Not far away is the MacAthur Centre building. Above the entrance (missing from this photo) is a Sicilian marble statue portraying, "strength, plenty, production and growth" by Fred Gowan.

It is a 1934 English Renaissance style building steeped in World War II history.

In 1942 it was commandeered by US General MacArthur to serve as Allied South West Area Headquarters.

Now it houses a discount book store, a WWII museum and apartments. However, the whisper is that Apple have submitted plans for a $10.5 million renovation for the largest Apple Store in Australia.

(I'll have to chain up TOH to prevent him running amok in there.)

Around another corner I spot this unusual weird piece by Augustine Dall'Ava titled "Echoes from the North" depicting colours from the rainforests, flowers, tropical fish, the sea and the sun of the tropical north.  (It doesn't do much for me)

Can we ever go near an electrical/camera/computer shop without TOH buying another toy? This time a camera for the dashboard of the car in case we get involved in road rage or accident. Dare he say 'boo' next time I go into a shoe shop! Don't know anything about the statue of the knight.

My own piece of street art. "Old and New". The "poor" girl is trying to make a call on a public phone she wasn't successful. The young asian lad with his smart phone doing smart things with it. (Even growing a leg out of his nose)

I am glad to report that today our temperatures have dropped and we even had some wet stuff fall out of the sky. The lawn has turned green, the trees are laughing and the birds are happy.
Just heard the news that the remnants of a cyclone is going to dump centimetres of rain on us over the next few days, including our National Day Holiday on Monday. The engineers are going to release water from all the dams upstream of Brisbane to avoid another flood like 2 years ago. It has already hit the north and towns up there have been damaged badly by flash flooding.
Last week we were fighting bush fires, this week preparing for floods. Crazy climate.


  1. I remember Australia in 2009, There were boats protesting some island.

  2. You have a crazy climate for sure. The facade of the first building is also rather crazy. The public phones have almost disappeared here in the streets, it is all personal mobile now.

  3. It is a long time since I have seen anyone use a public phone. What a shame it is failing her. I prefer your behind the lens art, but building facade is interesting.

  4. Hi Diane, cool post! I like the butterfly artwork. It did cost a lot of money though. I have not seen many people using public phones lately. It seems everyone has cell phones. Do you have road rage there? I could use one of the dash board cameras, I see some scary driving on my way to work. Glad you are getting rain but hopefully not too much. Have a great day!

  5. The young girl probably had no credit on her phone so was reduced to ringing up the old fashioned way. Those were the days. Love the butterfly facade. Hope you don't get too much rain. We all want rain but not in one dirty great downpour.

  6. That facade is amazing. I wonder how long it took to make that.

  7. That's a lot of money.
    Poor girl trying to use the phone box..they hard to find, thank goodness for mobile phones.
    Have fun with the camera :) boys and their toys!

  8. all i can say about the art is it is a good thing beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. and i much prefer your ART of the girl using the phone, and i don't mind the leg out of the all... crazy climate is all over the world. stay safe. i wish we could get a little of that rain...but not all of it.

  9. Love the last photo!

    Fingers crossed that the cyclone goes far out to see and leaves Qld alone!

  10. I like the first piece of "art" but holy cow 6.5Mil! Looks like a lovely day and I for one am surprised you can find public phones anymore, sure can't here!

  11. Growing a leg out his nose! LOL! Good timing with that photo! I LOVE the butterfly facade! That is really amazing.

  12. What a nice stroll through the city ! the "Art" work on the Wintergarde Shopping Centre is actually very nice !
    But I prefer the old building !
    I hope that you won't get too much water, it's really from one extreme to the other !

  13. Your weather is as changeable as ours. I hope things settle down for you on the weather front. You captured some fascinating street art. I like the facade in your first photos even though I don't understand the description.

  14. Some pictures are surprising, hard to spot the art work but do did it.


  15. Love the butterflies in that first shot! Oh sure - got that description just fine - NOT! :)
    The juxtaposition of the two phones in the last shot is very telling of technology these days. I think I'd be hard pressed to find a public phone anywhere here these days.
    Gladd you're getting some rain but sorry it's so much.

  16. Great series of photos Diane. I love that nature artwork. Hope you and the other half have a great weekend. You are certainly getting your fair share of extreme weather over there. Snow on the ground here today but not so bad really.

  17. 6.5 million? Wow that's a hefty price tag for public art. It's different, but definitely not what I'd spend that amount of money on! lol I love how you've captured life, the girl who can't make a phone call and the boy with the leg growing out of his nose made me chuckle, as did the new shoes comment.

    I hope that all is well and hopefully there's no flooding. I remember the posts from the flood there 2 years ago, that was so devastating.

  18. Oh I hope that you do not get floods again, that last flood was really bad.

    I am not sure I like that façade despite the cost, it is too busy for me I think.

    Keep dry, Diane

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  20. Wow, Diane! What a great facade!

  21. You found some excellent treasures on your trip the city to show us Diane..really like the sculpture in the first few shots, super idea..and how funny are men and their gadgets, although ...that is a pretty neat idea haha. My favourite shot is the new and old communications image..brilliant, how very cool of you to spot this situation, I knew there were a few dangers when using a mobile too much, didn't realise growing a leg out of the nose was one of them haha!

  22. Interesting public art works! A super Apple atore would be fun to browse in, but as you said, your hubby wiull have to go there under close supervision!

  23. The facade artwork is interesting but it reminds me of the paper "art" we made in grammar school. The one where you folded the paper and cut out little diamond shaped pieces then unfolded the paper to see the design.

    Of all the art I like your creation the best. It is odd to see someone using a public phone these days. It's odd just to see a public phone.