Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, January 5, 2013


 Just before Christmas, it was a dull day when we had promised to take our Swiss visitors to the beach. So we set off for the Sunshine Coast just north of Brisbane.
 There is a ribbon of beaches stretching for miles. Our first stop was Mooloolaba Beach.

There is a famous toilet block built right on the beach with a great view.

This is the view from the loo (which is my header at the moment but I had wrongly labelled it Noosa)

 After coffee at Mooloolaba we drove further north to Noosa Beach where we had.........

 lunch overlooking he beach. Our young visitors went for a surf while we watched .........

 a sand sculptor at work. 

Too soon it was time to head back to the car for the trip home. The next day our visitors hired a campervan and headed off to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. They are in Melbourne at the moment. Unfortunately there is a heat wave down there and the temperatures are in the 40's C/105+F.
Even further south Tasmania has had dreadful bushfires. One whole small town was burnt out.


  1. Looks like a wonderful way to introduce t your visitors to our country. Quite unfortunate that they have struck a heat wave down south.
    Would love to watch a sand sculptor one day, I imagine it would be fascinating.

  2. Nice up that way. Would you believe I haven't a photo of those beaches.. Yes, warm down this end of the earth, we are ok here in the north of the state..

  3. I have been "off the air" so did not know about the fires in Tassie, have just gone to check the news on the web. Bush fires are very scary, haven't had any big ones in the mountains for quite a few years so we are due for them again soon.

    I remember a rather nice contract I had once, spending a couple of weeks at Noosa with a team to prepare a training course.

  4. Diane, they are all lovely beaches. I am sure your visitors are having a grand time. And I hope the rest of their vacation is great too! Have a happy weekend!

  5. That's an understatement re: Tasmania. So frightening what is happening down there.
    I must say I did wonder on the heading, but having not been to Noosa for a number of years I was not sure. Last time for me, also with Swiss friends, and "Annabel's" existed in those days.I often wonder what happened to that famous restaurant???
    The "loo with a view" at Mooloolaba Beach sure has now gone upmarket - ha ha!
    Looks like you sure had a great time up on the Sunshine Coast, I think much better than the Gold Coast.

  6. I can only sit here envious... though not of that extreme heat, nor the awful fires.

  7. The beaches look wonderful at your place, so wide and without all kind of commercial outings on it. The busfires we saw on television here this morning. It looks very scary, I wish I could send you some rain of us. We are so fed up with the wet circumstances.

  8. A vacation in Australia, that's great.
    I have read from the heat wave and the bushfires. It's terrible.
    Oh, the beach is so wonderful and the sand sculptur is gorgeous.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  9. you've certainly treated your young guests to great out and abouts. Well they'll have certainly seen it all by the time they make it back home. Yes the fires have been tragic ...

  10. i keep forgetting you are in mid summer there, beautiful view from the loo and i wish i had a veiw like that from anywhere in my house, including the loo. sorry to hear about the fires... and that is really HOT at 105.

  11. Looks like a super beach and very popular.


  12. Those bush fires look terrible and so frightening. Your visitors are very lucky to have had you as their host. They will return home with a wonderful impression of Australian hospitality.

  13. Bushfires!
    Thankfully 3 young male teenagers have been caught after lighting fires in the Hunter Valley. The "idiots" apparently skited about it on face book, the Police and various services do look at these things. These 3 and their families will be looking to move, I would think. It will be interesting what happens to the "fire bug kids". I, also, would not like to be the parents.
    Facebook does have something going for it, eh?
    From reports I have read, the devastating Tasmanian ones were also deliberately lit. No acts of nature, lightning strikes at all. I would be absolutely surprised if nature and lightning strikes had anything to do with any of these fires that rage around Australia.
    I am writing this in absolute frustration at the stupidity of what goes on for the o/seas viewers to read.
    I lived as a kid in the rural areas of the west in NSW, and I have lived through horrific floods and bushfires. I know them, floods are not started by idiots, fires are. I wonder if the "fire bug idiots" were taken to a property and shown cattle, horses and sheep, plus the native wild life huddled in paddock corner and burnt or in dying stages of agony, would it make some impression. It is an horrific sight to see.
    Good for you Diane putting this up, even if on the Noosa Beach report - well done.
    No cheers this time, I am livid!

  14. it looks sooo lovely since we have a blanket of snow here! LOL...but not to worry..we leave in 5 days to go to Mexico for a week of fun in the sun!

  15. Oh thank you for letting me experience something I MAY never experience. I am never going to say never. I have a very special friend in Tasmania I am going to visit some day.:) Awesome pics. B

  16. Oh this such pretty beach pictures...and at Christmas is so different than what we are used to in US...cold here

  17. AFter going through our fire season I can feel for all those fighting those fires. I love your photos and the one from the loo is pretty amazing! Sand sculptures are my favorite!

  18. Beautiful stunning beaches! Oh how I miss them.

    Is it ever hot there, I was going to say I can't even imagine this type of heat, but I can after experiencing it in the desert... it was so hot there!
    I'm sorry to hear that the heat has been causing fires, how devastating.

    It sounds like your guests are making the most of their adventure, good for them. Australia is such a beautiful country and there's so much to do and see.

    Have a wonderful week Diane!

  19. Awesome, Diane! I really needed to see these lovely photos. Still recuperating from Montreal's huge blizzard. :)

  20. You certainly gave your visitors a wonderful time. I'm trying to remember what a heat wave feels like!

  21. Oh, I can only dream about warm weather and scenes like this. We woke up the other morning to -4F and I had about a 3 foot icicle hanging off my roof! Sigh! What a beautiful place, and the 'loo with a view' is very fun. There were several very interesting 'loos' we discovered in NZ too.

  22. The beaches are wonderful and I love summer...but not as hot as 105. Yikes! I heard about those terrible fires -- but not from our news, instead from your (and my virtual) friend Collin! I hope your visitors and everyone in the path of those is OK.

  23. 'Loo With a View' would make a great movie title. :)
    Looking at these makes me yearn for summer and winter is only getting started here.

  24. We have been seeing a lot about the heat and wildfires down your way on the news. We sometimes reach those kinds of temps here in the summer but they usually last for only a few days. I hope it cools off soon for you.
    The beach is gorgeous!

  25. I can imagine your Swiss visitors would love the gorgeous beaches Diane, but bet the searing weather was/is a bit of a shock. Blimey its a shock for we Aussies! I bet RedNomad would be impressed with your loo with a view, she has a collection going there!!

  26. Can't believe this passed me by - what a great view!!! At least it wouldn't be too hard to find the amenities here!!!