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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


A side view of Union Station LA

After our grandparent duties in LA, we had booked a tour of San Francisco, Sonoma and the Napa Valley. Anyone following my blog will know how we love train trips, so naturally we decided to take the train from LA to SF and stop in SLO (San Luis Obispo) on the way to visit my cousins.

We sadly said goodbye to our family and headed for another adventure before dementia.

The Amtrak train leaves from Union Station in LA. It is a  beautiful building.

The front of Union Station LA

Looking towards the ticket office and trains.

Walking towards the exit

Inside the train

 The view from the train was very pretty following the coastline. Sometimes we were right on the beach. (Tinted windows and a moving train are not the best for good photographs)

 California is a beautiful state.

Our train snakes itself towards SLO (San Luis Obispo). It should have taken 5 hours but we were delayed en route and we arrived an hour late. 


  1. The USA have some great train journeys, pity, we don't.

  2. The station is very unusual and not at all traditional, but I like it. The train is very long, which means lots of people are using it. Good. Travelling along a coast in a train is wonderful.

  3. Diane, the scenery looks beautiful. It must have been pretty to travel along the coast. Sorry there was a delay, other than that it was a nice ride? I enjoyed the photos, thanks for taking me along. Have a great day!

  4. Noted comment by William.
    Now Diane, please refer this blog to ALL Australian states, the cleanliness of the rail station shown, no "MacDonalds" to be seen, clean floors, clean trains, seems like clean tablecloths on tables for travellers to eat at, and the list go on.
    As for the problem of arriving one hour late in SFO, try the "so-called" XPT from Sydney to Melbourne. The train trip to HELL and I get off at Cootamunda! Then sit for hours for a bloody train from Melbourne - always late for the buses to move people.
    Rail Australia, it a disgrace. Good on you Bill. Makes my blood boil.
    Well done Diane, stick the boot in.
    Colin (HB)

    1. Colin, we were not an hour late in SFO. We were an hour late in SLO, which is about half way between LAX and SFO. We were actually early in SFO and had to wait in the plane for abot 10 minutes for a free gate.

  5. That station looks great. Clean and tidy, and no plastic signs.

  6. Everything about the trip looks and sounds wonderful. One hour late is better than cancelled.

  7. What a lovely new header you have! To make a train tour through the states must be wonderful. I only did once from Washington to New York, a lot of stress, with check, check, doublecheck the luggage, it was like going with a plane! But your ride looks very peaceful and quiet.

  8. That train looks very spick and span. I'd love to do more train travel.

  9. That reminds me our trip along the coast from Los Angeles to San Fransisco but it was by car. What a wonderful experience in a train !

  10. The US used to have trains like that everywhere until some genius got rid of all of them when air travel came in vogue. I've always wanted to do that trip up the coast, but now will never be able to afford it. So beautiful California is. When I lived in North Dakota, I used to take the train from wherever to Spokane or Seattle. What a beautiful trip that is with plains and mountains and the many rivers that are up there. I love train travel. What a pity that we can't use it anymore. It used to be very affordable. Now? Forget it.

  11. I love your photos. It is so nice to see other parts of the world.

  12. now i am even more jealous, i love riding trains and this one looks good to me. now i am longing to take a train trip. that is a beautiful station.

  13. I have been to california once but never seen these sights, gorgeous

  14. That railway station is gorgeous ... so much atmosphere about it and how good that you could sit back and enjoy the views along this scenic coastline.

  15. I've taken Amtrak to upstate New York a few times, but I have never taken it in other states. I also love a relaxing train ride and you were lucky to see some scenic views. I'm thrilled that my blogs posts about Sonoma and Napa and the Wine Train ride there were influences fro you to take this side trip, Diane!That made me smile! I hope you had a good time there and I look forward to seeing your posts about it.

    San Luis Obispo is a charming old fashioned California town! We enjoyed seeing the mission when we visited it.

  16. It looks like you are off on another wonderful adventure!
    I must say that train station is pretty stately looking.
    I love the the way San Luis Obispo rolls off your tongue when you say it. :)
    Looking forward to 'the rest of the story'.

    BTW: I posted a pic of Sammy a few days before the geese post.
    More to come later.

  17. Even the actual train station is gorgeous, let alone the scenery.

    I'm a relatively new convert to the joys of railroad travel - seeing a heap of amazing sights fly past the window in Europe has won me over.

  18. Hi Diane (and Bill), I've probably told you this before, but my Dad worked for the railroad. Back in those days, Daddy would get free passes for us to ride on the train. We lived in Virginia--and my older brother was getting married in California (Santa Rosa). SO---Daddy and Mom took me out of school (I was in 3rd grade) for 2 weeks --and we headed to CA for the wedding. Even though I was only 8, I have such great memories of that train trip... OH --how I love trains!


  19. I think it's neat that you were able to take a train trip. Long-distance trains are hard to find in this country. It's just too bad you were an hour late -- perhaps the trains are trying to copy the airlines. But the view from the train is beautiful.

  20. Wow what a wonderful train trip I would love to be able to take a nice long distant train trip......

  21. Hi Diane! That's the best way to travel to SLO! I'm glad you got to experience this. Isn't Union Station amazing? If you look carefully, you can spot it in movies sometimes...they use it a lot in Hollywood.

  22. Riding that train is on my list of things to do before I get to old to travel. It was great seeing you post.