Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Friday, June 1, 2012


On May 12 our eldest daughter, Carol, flew from Sydney to join us in West Hollywood, LA. She came to celebrate Fox's birthday on the next day and also to help her sister with the babies when we left
 a few days later.
 As I write this today, June 1, it is Carol's birthday. So Happy Birthday Carol. She is in Las Vegas at the moment celebrating with her husband.

Early the  next morning Fox was happy to jump onto Aunty Carol's bed and give her lots of hugs. 

Then he discovered his birthday presents.

 "O dis Carol?" means "Help me open this Aunty Carol?"

Ooooh buttons to press, but what is it? Mummy and Papa put it together and hey presto.....

 Its a lawn mower. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"(It became one of his favourite toys)

" O dis Carol?"

 Mummy helped with this one. (Poor Mummy was very tired from feeding Banjo through the night.)

Papa helped with this one. (He already has the scooter)


  1. Lovely stuff. Happy birthday Fox and Carol.

  2. What a wonderful celebration of both birthdays and Happy Birthday to each of your darling family. Precious photos indeed!

  3. We have the second birthday still to look forward, too. But she loves throwing her hands in the air and shouting 'Hooray' ...

  4. Carol has your face!

    Love "O dis" and might use it myself.... :)

  5. Happy Birthday to Carol! Las Vegas sounds fun...Fox is so cute!

  6. What lovely family photos.

  7. Fox is just so beautiful and mummy does look just a tad tired. new babies do that really well

  8. Plenty of birthdays to celebrate then. Many happies to all of them.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday to Fox and Carol! Las Vegas is a great place to celebrate birthdays. Love the shots of Fox, he is a cutie pie! Wonderful photos.

  10. Well someone certainly had a brainwave in the presents department. I suspect Grosvati and Grandma, a lawn mower!!! Nothing like early training for the Curry family visit to Daisy Hill, Fox can be put immediately to work on the lawns!!
    Sure looks like a great family reunion.
    Happy birthday to the big birthday girl, Carol and the best of luck in Las Vegas!
    Great post, Diane
    Colin (HB)

  11. What a charming collection of family pix Diane - thanks for sharing. Happy birthdays all round and congrats on the new arrival. Happy weekend.

  12. Beautiful photos and good memories. It must be difficult to live on the other side of the world sometimes. Your new banner is stunning...I really love it.

  13. It looks like the presents went over a treat! Lovely photos.

  14. Great photos and great presents if that lawnmower is one that makes noise it would drive his parents around the bend.......lol

  15. Oh, a double birthday celebration.
    Happy Birthday to Carol and Fox!

    He looks like he really likes his new lawn mower. Great shots of the whole family Diane.

  16. Two birthdays ! Is Fox 3 years old now ? What a cute little boy, with his curly blond hair ! I still wait for some hair to grow on Toby's head, there is very little.

    1. No, Fox is only 2 and he can tell you that.

  17. I love your story line. Fox in the bed with Aunty Carol reminded me of the lovely times rumbling in the bed with my little nieces and nephews, now all grown up.

  18. These are delightful pictures of Fox. I'd be happy to have him come out and mow our lawn with his new mower. The picture of Fox with his Aunt Carol is adorable. I hope Carol had a wonderful birthday.