Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Saturday, May 28, 2011


What is this coming down our street?

A pink Hummer!

It parked next door where the red carpet is out. (Then my Canon DSLR decided to crash with error 01)

So I raced upstairs and grabbed the trusty Sony Cyber shot just in time to hear the screams of delight from 16 thirteen year olds celebrating the neighbour's daughter's birthday. It was a surprise put on by the mum. So the excited girls piled into the Pink Hummer, while the anxious parents looked on.
It was rocking to the sound of Doof Doof music, with strobe lights dancing around.

Then off they went, with parents waving goodbye. They went for an hour's mystery drive. What a fun birthday surprise for Brooke.
But no fun for me. My camera is broke. I have to take it to the store on Monday. I doubt that it will be fixed in time for our trip to USA in 10 days. Boo hoo sob sob. At least we have the point and shoot and it is much easier to carry.
See our cute grandson on Bill's blog.


  1. What a cool surprise for your neighbors daughter. I've never seen a pink hummer. Sorry about your camera, it would be nice if they could fix it in time for your trip.

  2. Hi Diane!
    Sorry for the absence, but the season has been too busy here in Lisbon... And sorry that Brroke's birthday broke your camera... ;)

    Have a superb weekend!!

  3. Holy Toledo!!

    I was lucky if my parents even ACKNOWLEDGED January 11th as a day to even remember. In my next life, I'm coming back as one of those neighbor's children!

    And I'm likin' that pink Hummer. I want one. One of my people - can't remember which now - had a pink rowhouse on her blog a couple of days ago. I want that too.

    Glad you got those neat photos.

  4. How cool is that pink Hummer??!! It looks so surreal in a suburban street!! Lucky girls!!

  5. boohoo on the camera, where are you visiting in the states? that is some pink hummer, never heard of one like this, what fun for them. wonder where they went, or if it was just a ride with music. i bet the place was LOUD with giggles

  6. Sandra I don't know where they went. We are going to LA to visit our daughter and family and then to NYC and then taking a coach tour back to LA through the northern states, sadly not Florida.

  7. hi Diane, you won't believe this but i passed one of these coming home tonight. very pink :) hope you are well

  8. A long pink Hummer! Wow! What a shock to see one of those coming down the street. And the interior of it is equally wild-looking, perfect for young teens.
    Too bad about your camera. Reminds me mine is broken, too, and I really should get it fixed soon, but I've been using my little one, and forgetting to phone about it. Duh.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  9. Oh My Gosh, Diane... Hope you do get your camera fixed before your big trip. Send me a schedule please...

    Love the PINK Hummer... Wow--what a birthday for a young teen... Sweet 16 is an important year --and parents do some crazy things for their kids these days...

    What is Doof Doof music??? Probably that loud rap or rock-n-rolll stuff which kids love...

    Love the picture of your grandson. He's growing!!!

  10. Great birthday gift...when I was 13 I got uhhhhh...don't remember! Must not have involved a pink Hummer! Hope your camera gets fixed in time for your trip so you can get lots of photos of that cutie grandson!

  11. Now what could possibly drag you over to the USA again? You were only over there last year!!

    I missed the flagging of this visit. How long for? When leave exactly? Just to see the family or some touristy stuff too?

    Hee hee hee ... what fun!

  12. What a wonderful catch with your camera. Be sure Brooke gets your photos too. They are great.

    Have a wonderful trip seeing Fox in the USA. Sure wish you and Bill could take a trip by Memphis too!

  13. Wow, what a car, can hear the music from here. So sorry for your camera, hope you can take another one from the repair to rent for a while?

  14. That's some machine! I'm sure the girls loved it. Wwhat a bad time for your camera to break just before you go away. Hope you can get it fixed - we need to see lots of pics from your US trip.

  15. Do you think the pink of that Hummer was too much for your camera? Whatever the problem I hope it can be fixed before your trip. I know you want to get many, many great pictures of Fox (and his parents).
    The Hummer looks as if it was a huge success with the birthday girl and her friends. It was a neat surprise.

  16. Wow! what a great treat for thirteen year olds and especially for the Birthday Girl! Sorry about your camera, 10 days!! hopefully you will have it fixed in time.
    I'm clicking over to Bill's blog.

  17. I suppose it is a nice treat for a young gal... (don't like hummers tho!). Sorry to hear about your camera. Maybe it will be fixed in time...

  18. What a fun birthday and that's the first pink hummer limo I have ever seen. Just checked out Bill's blog and yes, Fox is getting cuter and cuter. He has a very charming smile. Sorry about your camera but yes the point and shoots are easier to carry when traveling. I'm having a problem with spots on my photos from my big camera. The man at the camera store sold us some cleaning material to clean the sensor disc inside it, but frankly I'd rather send it away and have it totally serviced by professionals. The camera guy also said it could be tricky but wouldn't do it himself and I felt he was in a bit of a hurry to get rid of us, so we're going to try another camera store and hope for the best.

  19. Geez ! what a car ! wouldn't fit in our street, very original birthday gift !
    Sorry that your camera broke, but honnestly I don't see any difference with the Cyber shot pictures ! I think for a trip to the States it's enough. I am so happy with my little camera, I don't even want another one !

  20. Your pictures are stunning! What a giant of a vehicle...small wonder it elicited such excited screams.

    Whose beautifully clipped hedges are those?

    I do hope your camera 'gets fixed' Diane! What a disappointing thing to have happened 10 days ahead of your trip! But I know NOTHING will dampen your excitement and delight once you're well on your way to join your family and I'm sure you'll return with lots of beautiful pictures with the little 'point and shoot' :)

    Off to check out Bill's blog now ;)

  21. No wonder Kiwis say Aussies do thing a BIG way.

    Have a great Hols in USA. May be buy a new one there,

  22. I think those hummers are the ugliest thing but I can imagine the excitement of the young 'uns.

  23. great post, cool pictures of humongous hummer, no room for 'animals' like that in Brussels

  24. Haha! that's such a crazy present. I know a 9 year old who wants a limo trip for his birthday (not a pink one though)

  25. Oh my gosh that nearly gave me a heart attack when you said your camera was broken and wouldn't be fixed for your trip. Oh Thank Goodness you have your point and shoot! That would be awful for you -- and your faithful readers -- if you couldn't document that trip!!! And we are about to leave on our summer road trip so in case I don't get back to blogging for a while, have a good trip and travel safe (as we RVers say).....(I hope to be able to blog on the road if all goes well, so I may be back before you leave even.)

    The Pink Limo is the coolest ever present for that age! Love it -- you do live on an exciting street.

  26. Wow, what a 13th birthday surprise. Wonder what's planned for the 16th or 18th? Just saying. :)
    A stretch Hummer and Pink - wonder if my hubby could afford that for my birthday. NOT!
    I do wonder where they went.
    I'm going to cross my fingers that your camera does get fixed before you leave. Hopefully it isn't something big.

  27. Wow, what a car! I bet the girls had a lot of fun!! I hope your camera is fixed before you have to leave for your trip to LA to see your sweet little grandson. I did go over to Bills blog to see his picture... so cute! So funny about the beer!

  28. Diane I am so sorry that the 'good' camera is causing you angst and yet, probably better now than when you have already departed.
    What a wonderful gift from Mum to her daughter for a special birthday to remember

  29. I guess it goes on world wide!

  30. What exciting birthday fun! The Pink Hummer is so gaudy and in-your-face... just the thing for a surprise mystery tour!!
    So awkward, your camera chucking a tanti... time for your other one to shine now!

  31. Now that is different - a birthday mystery drive.

    It seems some young teens here are taken out for the night in them. Have seen one that colour but not that shape.

    Love the foliage in your street.

  32. What wonderful photos here love the Pink Hummer, have seen a number of hummer's around lately my brother had a black version of the pink one in you photo for his wedding.......

  33. I love the pink Hummer! What a fun idea for this special birthday!

    I hope your camera can be repaired in time for the trip, but the point and shoots do a wonderful job too, and like you said, can be easier to carry around. I very often use mine instead of my DSLR when I am in Manhattan as it gets tiresome carrying the big camera around all day.