Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Anyone for a bit of Culture?

On our walk around the city last weekend we left Brisbane Square (last post) and walked over the Victoria Bridge
(see it on the left bottom of the pic).
We are now on the South Bank looking over the river to the CBD.

The bridge deposits you right in the middle of Brisbane's Cultural precinct. To the left of the bridge is our opera house and theatre complex, called Performing Arts Centre. Next to that is the Conservatorium of Music and QUT Art School as well as South Bank Parklands.

To the right of the bridge is the Museum and Art Gallery (classical). We walk this way along........
the boardwalk past the National Library and.....

on to the Gallery of Modern Art.

We stopped at the Gallery Snack Bar for lunch overlooking the river and fighting off the....

pesky ibises which are forever scrounging food.

Then we walked over the new Kurilpa Bridge (a previous post). We looked back past the GoMA and.....

the library, all the way down to the parklands. Then we continued over the bridge back into town and the Queen Street Mall (next post)


  1. Sounds like Brisbane is a well planned city. A whole cultural district with the library, performance arts and museums all in one location. It's just all over the place here.

  2. Oh, as usual, I loved my "tour" - the architechture (spelling?) is wonderful and I LOVE those birds!

  3. Once again, I'm so impressed at the absolute cleanliness of the streets and surrounding areas. Wonderful idea to have all the culture in one place.

  4. I like the sense of walking with you round your city - it's very modern and attractive. I can't believe those birds!
    By the way, you asked if I lived near St Helen's - well, that's about 110 kms away, near Liverpool and near the coast whereas Saltaire is right inland. And of course, Saltaire is in Yorkshire and St Helen's is historically Lancashire (though now Merseyside). We once fought the Wars of the Roses! But we're both northerners and proud of it.

  5. Once more I get a delightful tour. I love traveling in the land down under.


  6. Colleen

    I am sure that the citizens of Brisbane would only be too pleased to send you all the "ibis" that mess the footpaths and parks. It is an offence to feed them and the city council is doing everything possible to rid the city of them.
    Ibis are usually found in the "wetlands", but these city based ibis are Professional scavangers!

    Colin (HB)

  7. Gee---you all have a fabulous city, Diane. I'm SO impressed... Things look so clean and new... So many of our cities are old and dirty.... Amazing.. I am so glad you shared your city with us... I'd love to see it in person.


  8. I also saw the pictures on Bill's blog and think that Brisbane must be a very nice city !

  9. Thank you for all our fabulous photos of Brisbane. I have been meaning to go to GOMA for ages and haven't made it there yet. We were in the City on Tuesday but somehow escorting 3 kids around i don't get to look up and around as much. The spheres are sensational.

  10. Phew! What a walk - I'm exhausted just reading about it!

    Lovely seeing where you wander. You can keep the Ibis - I had enough of the black ones in Cairns!



  11. great post and photos...the ibis on the table cracks me up! glad you got a picture of it!

  12. Oh, beautiful, beautiful city! I want so much to visit Australia and your fair city. Someday....and in the meantime, you take me on lovely walks.