Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, April 25, 2024


Today is ANZAC DAY, the day we remember the Australian and New Zealand members of the armed services who have fought and lost their lives in all the wars since WW1. We have a national holiday and many services around the country with huge parades in the cities.  We have our little parade and service followed by morning tea in our village. Residents invite their families along too.

Our flag flying over the village.

Residents who have medals and family members of those who have inherited medals wear them with pride.

 Then they march around the village to the community centre where there is a service held outside in front of our little memorial and flag post. 

The residents lined the streets and clapped in appreciation.

Then everyone found a seat for the service.

Ian, our chairmen tells the story of the brave ANZAC soldiers.

Brendan, husband of our managing director, Chiou See reads the ANZAC poem.

 Then wreaths were laid for all the different armed services and others who have participated in wars.

 Then we have a minute's silence and the flag is raised from half mast.

A photo of the ex-servicemen who live in our village plus Chiou See and Brendan.

Commerarderie in the community centre


  1. I often reflect on how lucky I've been never to had to fight in a war. It's important that we never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice, even though we don't seem to have learned much from all the suffering that has gone before.

  2. Anzac Day is so important to us, and wonderful to see your community remembering the fallen. Lest wes Forget.

  3. I watched the footy this ANZAC Day, a highlight of the AFL programme every year. 93,000 supporters yelled for their teams, but the huge crowds were also dignified enough to honour the ANZAC parade, flags, men in uniforms and speeches. Sport is important; our grandfathers' national service was even more important.

  4. What a wonderful way to honor the Brave...

  5. It is good to remember this yearly. The same here the 4th of May is always the remembrance Day of the victims and the 5th of May we celebrate our Freedom.

  6. Your flag is absolutely beautiful and I don’t remember having seen it before! My favorite photo is the last line of the members of the Service that lives there. It says a lot and the parade looks like so fun. Every time you show us this wonderful place where you have retired to everyone looks so happy you are truly blessed to live there

  7. A bit of planning went into that event and it paid off. Looks like it was well attended. There will be one here in our town just across the street from us come Memorial Day May 30th.

  8. We will never forget. Great post well done. Cheers t'other Diane

  9. Very moving.
    I watched all the services on TV - luckily the
    only show that worked on my TV which although
    only 5 years old has gone NUTS!
    Smoke may be in your eyes but it was coming
    out of my nose, mouth and other openings!
    A Gallipoli, Kokoda and Long Tan all for me.
    Yes, life is a struggle and a puzzle, thank you
    Malcolm Fraser !!!
    Colin aka Mount Vesuvius or Etna.

  10. What a wonderful tribute to those soldiers who fought, some came home, some didn't.

  11. I am impressed by the organisation that went into your service. Your village is so well run.

  12. Tributes and celebrations to honor those who served are very important and it was great to see the turnout for ANZAC day in your village, Diane.

  13. It looks like a lovely event and service. I remember taking part in Anzac day many many years ago in Cairns when I visited. It's always moving to remember the sacrifices made by soldiers.

  14. Ditto Fun60's comment! A very special day for the ex- servicemen.

  15. Such a wonderful tribute.

    All the best Jan

  16. The Community Centre looks very busy and nicely laid out.

  17. So lovely to see the relatives wearing those medals in a tribute to their loved ones. A wonderful remembrance for the Fallen, always honored, always remembered. Thank you for sharing these very touching photos Diane.

  18. Great post and an important day to remember.
    Take care, enjoy your day and the week ahead.