Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, January 21, 2024


In January, our youngest daughter, Sonya and her two sons, Fox and Banjo flew from Melbourne to have a holiday in sunny, warm Queensland. Her husband, Bernie couldn't come until later as he was acting in the musical,  "A Christmas Carol". Carol and David were still here and so we had a houseful for some days. It was noisy but fun. We had a heat wave at the same time and the poor souls used to the southern cooler weather found it hard to cope in the tropical, humid heat. So we had the aircon on 24/7. Carol wanted to do Christmas all over again to include Sonya and the boys. So we did! We had another seafood and salad lunch and present giving.

Sonya and the boys arrived. Look how tall they are. They have grown so much since we saw them last in February. Banjo in black shirt is eleven and Fox is thirteen.

Banjo was the helpful elf and gave out the presents.

Sonya receives a tote bag for swimming togs and towels from Carol.

I love to see my girls together.

Banjo's turn for a present.


  1. yay for a 2nd or 3rd Christmas, and for having your girls together again. while you are really hot we are really cold. 39 f here this moment and that is a record cold for us, like your record heat. like your girls, they are not used to heat and we are not used to cold. everyone looks so happy and that makes me happy for you...

  2. Hello,
    The grandson have grown, you have a beautiful family. Looks like everyone had a fun time.
    Take care, have a great day and happy new week!

  3. Great idea to put cold seafood and salads on the table. It looks more attractive and eliminates the need to turn on the oven. And your children are having a ball.

    Talking of which I must say that the southern states rarely suffer from humidity in summer. But this year in Melbourne we had a week of high humidity that brought normal life to a standstill. Everyone looked sweaty and tired :(

  4. I remember your grandsons being so young and look at them now. I'm sure you love the family visits, even though they must be tiring.

  5. Good idea to have another Christmas meal when all family are together. Beautiful photos of your family and the eldest is like his father, the younger like his mother...beautiful children all round Diane.

  6. I think Christmas needs to be celebrated daily...lolol
    Lovely family!

  7. It is a very special time when your family can be together. I bet they were happy to not be here today! Killer heat and humidity

  8. It all looks very happy. I can't believe how much your grandsons have grown up. Seems quite a short time since they were little.

  9. Hi Diane, two Christmases sounds just about right to me! Those are some handsome grandsons you have, and they are so big now. I can still recall Fox in his infancy the one time we were able to meet you in person in Los Angeles all those years ago. I wish you and Bill a very good year that continues as lovely as it has started out.

  10. Lovely happy family photographs ... such joy.

    All the best Jan

  11. How lovely to have another Christmas, and to have your family together. Wishing you all the best for the year ahead.

  12. How fun to keep having "Christmas". Family celebrations are the best..Love the photos of the Grands.
    I keep forgetting that your corner of the world is hot when we are cold.
    Love all the photos.

  13. What a wonderful second Christmas spent with family and fun to read that it was so hot compared to here now in nashua, NH, where we are having light snow ☃️ And, yes your grandsons have really grown wince the last time you posted photos.

  14. What a lovely belated celebration. Those boys have unique and fun names.