Brisbane, QLD

Friday, January 26, 2024


 Today we celebrate our national day. It is 236 years since Captain Arthur Phillip raised the British flag in Sydney cove , where he was in charge of developing a settlement for convicts and marines. It has become a controversial date because the First Nations People remember that date as invasion day. However, the powers to be on both sides can't agree on a new date. So here we go again and celebrate.  We are not big on celebrations. Most people enjoy the holiday by going to the beach, having BBQ's, watching tennis or cricket. Our village is having a party with some typical Australian activities: Damper making, thong throwing, tunnel ball, trivia and BBQ. I'll post photos next time.

Today I'll share some of my favourite photos of Australia.

Lake Eyre South Australia

Stanthorpe Queensland

Mt Warning New South Wales

Gold Coast Queensland

Remarkable Rocks Kangaroo Island South Australia

Katoomba in the Blue Mountains New South Wales

Katherine Gorge Northern Territory



  1. Stunning photos. I hope you enjoyed the day. I look forward to seeing photos of the day's activities.

  2. Happy Australia Day Diane, we don't have celebrations and never did.
    The photos are just gorgeous.


  3. Stunning photos of very different landscapes.
    You are quite right about not wanting organised celebrations. We sat with our family in the sun and had a lovely lunch, then watched the Australian Open Tennis. A great day :)

  4. Wow that first picture is stunning ! That's something I have never seen, and I also like the Kangaroo rocks. I think the more I've traveled, the more blasé I've become! Everything looks like I had seen it before. When I saw Brice Canyon I was very impressed, but a few years later I saw the same landscape in Tunisia!

  5. Beautiful scenes and photos. Happy Australia Day! Take care, have a great day and happy weekend.

  6. They are lovely photos and Happy Australia Day. Thong throwing, lol. Good fun and not the miserable day it became in Melbourne, although I did hear about the Gabba.

  7. I would love to see your beautiful country, but since I can't fly or float it will never happen... your photos are next best to being there. Happy Australia day

  8. I hope you enjoyed the day. The places in the photos look amazing. :)

  9. I've spent a lovely half hour reading your blog, looking at your beautiful photos So many memories for me as we have visited your lovely country twice, the last time in 2009.. but now older we'd rather just travel local. I have over 180 cousins in Australia, mainly in NSW. We live in a small seaside town, in S Wales, my home town. Happy Australia Day!

  10. Diane, these are some beautiful photos that show off Australia very well and do let us know of any celebrations that you and Bill will have shared in as there is always something going on in your residences.

  11. Such a special post for Australia Day, Diane. Awesome photography.

  12. Wonderful memories of your travels around your beautiful homeland. How wonderful you got to experience all of that.