Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, September 19, 2023


 Thank you to those friends who wished Bill a speedy recovery. Once he got home and had me looking after him and physiotherapist visits he did start to recover some strength. He still uses a walker  for confidence and stability. Luckily, he was fit enough to attend our village's 13th Anniversary Dinner.

Our managing director, Chiou See's husband, Brendan, decided to provide the entertainment instead of hiring anyone. He wrote an interactive play similar to a murder mystery dinner. He called it "Murder Most Foul", which was about the murder of a promiscuous woman in our village.(fictional of course) He chose some villagers to take parts in the play but we were sworn to secrecy before the night.

Bill made a powerpoint presentation of famous detective shows on TV to be run on a loop on the screen. He also took video footage of the play to make into a short video for the village residents.

Everyone was encouraged to come dressed as a detective or police officers and many did. I had the role of police crime scene photographer and suspects photographer.
Taking photos of a condom at the crime scene.

Bill was back on deck.

Many residents dressed up.

I'm photographing Kathleen, the first of five suspects. Eric was the arresting police officer.

I took a mugshot of Bill as a practise shot before the show started.

Brendan was the investigating detective. (He is a real one in his day job)

The suspects are arrested and put into a holding cell.

Then they are put into interrogation rooms.

The set is changed and it becomes a courtroom and Brendan is the prosecutor. The residents who go to the workshop every Tuesday made the sets. 

There was a twist at the end. None of the suspects were found guilty but another well known resident who was in the audience was found guilty. He had motive and blood on his coat besides his phone calls gave him away.

It was a fun night. Chiou See cooked dinner for the 120 guests because the chef was away. It was Osso Buco and almond cake or poached pears. The dinner committee and the highschool students helped out.


  1. An interactive play sounds like a murder mystery dinner, only more fun. Trust a real life detective to get it right :)

  2. Oh WOW Diane, what a fun evening. You made a great suspects photographer. The sets were brilliant. Bill is looking well.

  3. I bet that was fun, the photos are good and it shows what you get up to.
    Pleased Bill has improved and he does look good, lovely photo of you both too.

  4. That looks like an incredibly well organised and amazing evening. We all need fun.
    I am very glad that Bill is home and from the sounds of it recovering well.

  5. It is good that Bill is home and in familiar surroundings. The play sounds like great fun, with so many participating.

  6. Good to see Bill on the road to recovery. You certainly have some fun in the Village.

  7. OMG! How FUN!! What a wonderful way to spend the day together...
    The sets were fantastic and ingenious! And you taking a shot of a condom...LOLOL
    All the costumes were fab...

  8. now this is one I would have enjoyed. I even enjoyed the photos and story line here, and I am thinking the real thing was even more PHUN... kudos to the shop builders. great sets

  9. The murder mystery dinner looks fun, what a great night. I enjoyed all the photos, you dressed as the crime scene photographer is awesome. I like Bill's mugshot too. Great post and photos. Take care, have a happy day!

  10. Oh my I haven't been to your blog for a while. I just finished catching up. So glad Bill is finally on the mend. That's a lot of problems to contend with, but thankful he's returning to health.
    Loved seeing the Murder mystery dinner. So clever and the meal cooked by your director is fabulous.
    I think you should have gotten a prize for your costume. Perfect!!

  11. Glad Bill is feeling better. What an elaborate evening you had. Must have taken lots of planning.

  12. So pleased that Bill is feeling better.
    This certainly looks a fun night, great photographs.

    All the best Jan

  13. What fun ! You all look "real" ! I hope that in my "castle" they will organize things like that too, I could do it, but the Belgian is a bit slow ! I count the days of my move ! I don't know what happens in this building but people move out ! For a little fall I won't call the ambulance, for what I got on my feet thanks to my yoga, took a bit of time, in the hospital they would have checked me for broken ribs, etc ! And little Rosie, can't let her alone. As much as I loved this apartment, now I want to get out of here asap !

  14. So glad that Bill is recovering, thanks to your good care, Diane. What another fun night you all must have enjoyed at the 13th Anniversary Dinner. The murder mystery looked like it was a real hit and all the costumes were fantastic. You were well suited to be the crime scene photographer!

  15. Gosh that does sound like fun I would have loved that evening. Cheers, t'other Diane

  16. I'm happy to read that Bill is improving and he is looking very good. The Directors of your residences really outdo themselves for the dinners and I'm so impressed with the residents and how they dressed for the occasion. It looks like a lot of fun!

  17. Happy Bill is getting better! Oh what a lot of fun that murder . Amazing that they do it so it is so professional by creating a whole courtroom. You live in a great home

  18. What fun. Glad to see Bill back in action.

  19. Everyone seems to have had a wonderful time after such a lot of effort put in for everyone to enjoy.

  20. So good to see Bill feeling better and able to get out. Wishing you only the very best for you both. Looks like a wonderful event, and fun. Great photos!

  21. You live in such a fun place.
    Sounds like a wonderful evening, and I got a good chuckle out of you taking a picture of the condom, haha.

  22. Bill is already socializing! I love seeing the guests in costume. The husband and wife duo sure worked hard on your play.