Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, March 18, 2023


 Our monthly dinner in the community centre had the theme of St Patrick's Day. Everyone was encouraged to wear green. Because it is exam time for the Year Twelve students, they couldn't come to help out. The dinner committee asked for volunteers to help serve the meals. We have a roster system for cleaning up. There were prizes to win, trivia questions and Irish sing along as well as Irish line dancing.

Being green.

Residents help the chef plate up.

volunteers serve the meals.

The menu 

I had the Corned Beef Fritter. It doesn't sound much but it was delicious. Bill had the Guiness Lamb Stew Puff Pie Crust. He said it was delicious too.(I forgot to take a photo before he devoured it)

Dessert was tasty too.

Our very own Irish Line Dancers.

We won a bottle of wine in a raffle and we won a box of chocolates for winning the table Trivia.

Bill knew most of the answers. I was so happy that he was able to come to the dinner. He hasn't been well for a week or so. He called his cardiologist who wasn't available but he was told to ring the emergency room at the hospital. He was told to go in. So he spent Wednesday night in hospital, where the cardiologist adjusted his pacemaker, which wasn't keeping the right beat rate. He came home Thursday and enjoyed dinner on Friday. So that was good.
We came home with the loot.


  1. Using the group's Irish Line Dancers is a great idea. It saves a fortune in entertainment costs and everyone loves the ladies' own contributions.

  2. Sorry to hear Bill wasn't well but he did the best thing for heart issues, a public hospital. In a bit over a month we will be in England and no doubt eating mushy peas. I quite like them. Payola = wine and chocolates. Life is good.

  3. Hello,
    I am glad Bill could attend the dinner, I hope is ok. The food and dessert look yummy. Congrats on your winnings. Have a great day and happy new week!

  4. Congratulations on all that loot!lol How fun!
    Glad your Bill is better...

  5. congrats on the winning LOOT and also on Bill feeling well enought to to to the dinner. the menu looks like it was a hit also.. love all the bright greens

  6. You have so much fun where you live. I love seeing the Irish Line dancing. Food looks fabulous and I am so glad your Hubby got checked out and is doing so much better now.

  7. Well you had a good time then at the St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Lot's of green there in particular the colour green in the Irish Guards hats.
    Glad Bill is doing ok, Pacemakers do get out of wack every now and then, don't they!

  8. That's very green. I like corn beef fritters. Did those line dancers do the Irish jig?

  9. First, glad that Bill was feeling better and able to attend what looked like a great holiday celebration, Diane. Congrats too on the double win of wine and chocolate. We also had a corned beef dinner, but the more traditional way with cabbage, potatoes and carrots. A corn beef fritter is something we’ve never tried, along with mushy peas.

  10. Whew I'm glad Bill improved -- getting to attend this fun celebration was icing on the cake (the Baileys one, which looks delicious!) I hope the Pacemaker adjustment is perfect.

  11. So pleased that Bill is doing okay.
    It looks a fun event and lovely to see all the green.

    All the best Jan

  12. Your celebrations always look like so much fun. Plus, you and Bill scored! So glad he's feeling better.