Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, January 12, 2023


 On the 3 Jan I received this photo from Sonya in Melbourne:

She was about to get on a flight to Brisbane to come and see us . This was a surprise as we didn't expect her at this time. She had been having a busy time working and then looking after the boys by herself in the school holidays because Bernie was working full time.  So when Bernie finished work on the new year, she decided to leave the boys with him and his big family down at their beach house and she would have a well earned break. 

It was lovely having both girls here together. (Carol and David had come earlier by car from Melbourne) We played Articulate after dinner. It was fun and we had lots of laughter. It was Bill and I against the girls. The younger faster brains won each time.

Mince pies

Carol got the baking bug while she was here and I have put on the kilos. So we went for a walk in the forest every morning. Sometimes the girls went for a run. After the walk we did some stretching and Bill thought it would make a funny photo.

David and Carol keep fit by walking, running and cycling.
Off they go into the forest where there are many mountain bike trails.

They also enjoy painting. Carol is doing oils and David is doing water colours. Our back balcony serves as a studio and bike storage

We had friends drop in, who were from Sydney and we hadn't seen them for years. Bill and Ken had been work colleagues in the 60's in PNG. So we took them for lunch. They had a Winnebago and they were staying in Northern NSW near the border. So they came for day.
Like most parents we had been storing "stuff" from our children since they left home. Carol came and got most of her stuff before we moved here but Sonya flies here and can't take her stuff on a plane. I offered to send it by courier but they wanted $800.00. She said, wait till I sort it out and throw the stuff I don't want.
So with the help of her sister they sorted out box after box. I was so happy to see this after 20 years of storing and moving. The funny thing was when they found their trumpets, which they used to play in the school marching band. 

So they decided to have a 'rusty' jam session. Some of our neighbours came to see what was going on.
 Sonya was invited by her university friends to spend a few days with them in their holiday house on Stradbroke Is while she was here in Queensland. She had a lovely time on the beach in beautiful weather.

It was time for Carol and David to go back to Melbourne holidaying on the way for a week in the Snowy Mountains. They packed their car with all their gear including plein air painting equipment and David's portable music studio as well as some of Sonya's stuff.

On go the bikes and a sad farewell.

Bye bye! Sonya has come back from the island and is with us until tomorrow when she flies home to start work and get the boys ready for a new school year. Fox is starting High School.
It is nice to know they will all be back in February for a weekend when Bill celebrates his 80th birthday.


  1. Perfect break from the daily routine, especially with old friends.

    When I retired, I planned to go through every cupboard and bookshelf in this huge house, including what the children left 25 years ago. I am almost finished *moan*

  2. What a lovely get-together. I hope you'll all see each other again soon.

  3. How wonderful to have family visitors and be able to spend so much fun time together. Even better you have some relief now that the things that you have stored for so long are getting sorted and cleared. You are fortunate you will see more of your family net month which isn't far from now. A very Happy Birthday to your husband Bill. Enjoy the celebrations.

  4. Sounds like lots of fun and I am sure you were more than happy to see them both. Carol's paintingis excellent. Keep well, we are off to South Africa for 9 weeks so I might be a bit quiet while away! Cheers t'other Diane

  5. What a wonderful New Year’s treat for you and Bill, Diane, to have both your daughters visiting at the same time! My husband was happy that both his daughters were in the place this holiday season and we were able to spend time together with family. I know you will be looking forward to the February get together and birthday 🎂 celebration for Bill. It’s my birthday month as well😀

  6. wow on Fox starting highschool. time is indeed on fast forward. it is great they are all active, i have seen a few times the saying that sitting is the new smoking... as in smoking will kill you , so will sitting to much. I wish I had done what i do now when I was still in the work force, I started daily excercise when I retired in 2006. it is good news that both daughters could be there at the same time,

  7. What a great visit from your girls. I bet it's awfully quiet now with them gone.

  8. Hello,
    It was a nice surprise to have your daughters both come for a visit. Looks like everyone has a fun time, cooking, exercising and painting. Take care, enjoy your day!

  9. How delightful. Much as we love our grandchildren, it's still lovely to have some uninterrupted time with our children sometimes. I think we all still have a few boxes of their 'stuff' - good to get some of it sorted out, I'm sure.

  10. What a delightful surprise to have your daughter join you. It looks like you had so much fun together.
    There is nothing like family get togethers...the best as far as I am concerned.

  11. That must have been a wonderful surprise and what a wonderful way to start the new year with both daughters staying. My younger son is promising to go through the last of his stored boxes this visit but I think I'd feel a bit lost without any of their "stuff" around me.

  12. That must have been a wonderful surprise and what a wonderful way to start the new year with both daughters staying. My younger son is promising to go through the last of his stored boxes this visit but I think I'd feel a bit lost without any of their "stuff" around me. Pauline

  13. That’s wonderful! Great photos and loved your happy, smiling faces.

  14. What a lovely get-together!
    Sounds like lots of fun!
    Love the beautiful photos, Diane.

  15. What a fabulous get-together you enjoyed.
    Lovely photographs.

    All the best Jan

  16. How lovely to get the family together. Everyone seems to have had a great time.

  17. How wonderful your family gathering ! That was probably real fun ! The exercises remind me mine every morning with my Yoga to keep me fit ! I feel better my friend Dominique spent the weekend with me here and we booked a River Cruise on the Danube !!

  18. What lovely visits (family and old friends).... Sonya had such a cute idea letting you know her surprise visit -- she was almost there. And its so good to know everybody is doing well. And also nice to "lose" some of that "stuff" -- I remember when that happened to us (and so much of what we'd stored for so long they didn't even remember what it was themselves!).

  19. I'm so glad you were able to spend time together with both your daughters, Diane, and that they will be returning in February for Bill's birthday! It looks like you all had fun! We, too, stored bins of "stuff" for our children and we finally made them take it all when we moved west.