Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, July 5, 2022


Our first day at the beach came to an end with a beautiful sunset. We were at Burleigh Beach, which is less built up than Surfer's Paradise where you can see the jungle of towers. 

The next morning the sun rises over the sea and blinds us with its brightness.

We went down to the beach where Bernie and Sonya built me a sand bed and made sure the old lady was comfortable.

I had a good view of the boys playing on the sand.

Fox was writing a message for me in the sand in very big letters so that I could see it from the balcony of our apartment.
It say Happy Birthday Di. He couldn't fit Diane because some people were sitting in the way.

Then the boys and I walked to the rocky outcrop. Naturally they loved climbing all over them. It was a nice time together since I haven't seen them in the flesh for two years.

When we returned to the apartment that evening I could see Fox's message in the sand.


  1. Hello,
    The birthday message in the sand is a cute idea. What a beautiful place, lovely views of the beach and water. Have a great day and happy week ahead.

  2. A sand bed for granny. How wonderful. The birthday greeting on the beach by Fox is great.

  3. I can't believe I never thought of digging a sand bed, what a super duper idea that is.. my problem would be getting down and back up now. also never occured to me to write happy birthday in the sand. I am good at stealing ideas. if I can remember . such a beautiful place to spend your birthday and even better with your family

  4. You are definitely the Queen! Those boys have grown so big. Have fun with your family at the beach - it looks lovely.

  5. How wonderful you got to visit your family and saw your grands. They certainly took care of you :) This has given me a very happy feeling to see your photos, and thank you for the smiles.

  6. Lucky you - a beach with sunshine. Certainly not the case here in Terrigal !
    Just refuses to stop raining.
    The two grandsons are sure shooting up - I guess you and Bill are the proudest of
    Belated happy birthday - I recall a couple of your birthdays way back in Brisbane days.
    All heaps of fun.

  7. The sand bed looks so comfy. The message in the sand from Fox was very cleverly done. Sounds and looks like you had a wonderfulbirthday.

  8. Good photo and love the birthday letter in the sand along with your chair...awesome.

  9. What a wonderful place to celebrate and with all of your family there as well, Diane. This certainly was a very happy and enjoyable birthday celebration and one which you deserve!

  10. You had a beautiful setting for your birthday celebration, and the sand bed looks nice and comfortable. I'm glad you could see Fox's birthday message from your room.

  11. I love the huge message your grandson made for you in the sand. How sweet!

  12. Belated Happy Birthday and it sounds like you had a good time.
    Sorry I have not been visiting, just not enough hours in the day at present. Cheers, t'other Diane

  13. biebkriebels
    Lovely to see you all together and the kids taking care for you and make you a comfortable seat in the sand! I accidentally deleted biebkriebels comment on my phone. The text is so small and My finger hit the wrong word. Mustn't do that again.

  14. Happy Belated Birthday "Grandma Di". So fun. Fun to see that your "kids" are taking such good care of you but your grandboys think you're young enough to do anything they can do. (They seem to be correct -- you look like you're enjoying the games and climbing as much as you did the lovely sand-castle chair.