Brisbane, QLD

Friday, July 1, 2022


 I can't believe that I turned 80 last week. Time sure creeps up on you. Anyway I had a lovely time. My two daughters and families came from Sydney and Melbourne to be with us. They also booked the penthouse unit at The Esplanade, Burleigh Heads Beach for five days for all of us.

Firstly, though I had a party here in the village Community Centre. Carol and Bill made dessert and my village friends helped me set up and clean up. I had the local Thai Restaurant provide the lunch.

Daisy Thai provided six bowls of delicious bites.

Carol cooked a birthday cake

Banjo, Sonya, moi, Bill, Carol and David. Unfortunately, Sonya's husband, Bernie and eldest son Fox had to postpone their flight until the next day due to Fox having an earache.

There were forty guests and Bill made a keynote presentation of photos of my eighty years of life and projected it onto onto the screen.

The next day we went to the coast and moved into the 25th floor. Bernie and Fox joined us too.
That night Bernie cooked us a delicious birthday dinner.

The next day we went for a walk along the beach to a rocky outcrop. Carol and David did a spot of painting. They do this at all the places they visit as well as taking photos. At the top of the rocks there is a lookout, which is accessed from the road side.

A tourist and a bird looking over the ocean.

Caught him in the middle.

While looking at this scene of families enjoying the sun and sea made me realise how lucky we are to have winters this warm.

Carol's painting.
David's painting


  1. Hello,
    Sounds like you had a great 80th birthday. It is nice to see your family together. The beach vacation looks wonderful, beautiful views. The paintings are lovely. Take care, enjoy your day!

  2. Congratulations Diane with this milestone! It is hard to believe we are becoming that old now. I am in my 74 th age now, in November 75... Can't imagine it, but we are still going on aren't we?

  3. Congratulations; many happy returns of the birthday!
    Lovely celebration! I like the paintings of your daughter Carol and her husband's.
    Yes, warm weather in winter is a treat.

  4. A belated happy 80th. How wonderful to have all your family around you to celebrate and I'm sure the village celebration went crackingly well.

  5. the paintings are beautiful, I love the black outlines in Davids painting. way back in my color book days I always outlined everything, of course it was nothing like these paintings. that view from the penthouse is a million dollar view. so glad they could all be with you on your 80th, I did not know you were older than i am, only 2 years, but thought you were younger, maybe because you are so active and do so many fun things. Happy Belated 80th Birthday

  6. Very talented painters in your family.
    Happy Birthday. It looks like you had a fabulous celebration.
    That time with family at the ocean is a real memory maker..lucky you!!

  7. Congratulations! As active as you have been I never guessed your age as going on 80. Keep doing what you're doing! What a great celebration1

  8. Happy birthday - sounds like you had a lovely time. I just turned 70 - yes, it's a shock!

  9. Lovely photos Diane, and Happy Birthday it seems you had a good one. That cake is looking good and love the 8 candles. Lovely photo of the family and the paintings are a treasure.

  10. Belated birthday greetings. How the years fly by. Spending quality time with your family sounds the perfect way to celebrate your special birthday. You look amazing and could easily have said you were 70 and I wouldn't have guessed differently.

  11. Thanks for a very uplifting post. I loved the views and the paintings (I wish I could paint). Many congratulations on becoming 80 years young.

  12. Glad you had a lovely birthday and beautiful weather to enjoy it. Your grandson is growing up fast.

  13. What a wonderful celebration of a milestone birthday. I could dive right into that beautiful cake! Wishing you a lovely, healthy 80th year and many more birthdays to come!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday! It looks as if you got your celebrations started in a wonderful fashion. I'm glad your family was able to celebrate with you.

  15. Wow 80 that is amazing, hope the next year is a good one

  16. Many happy birthday wishes, so pleased you had a wonderful time celebrating.

    All the best Jan

  17. Happy Belated Birthday! What a feast you had. I'm impressed with Bill's photo montage of your life. Have a great year my friend!

  18. Happy 🎂 Birthday wishes to you, Diane, and what a wonderful celebration you had not only at your home but the get together with all of your family. I was hoping that Bills photo montage would be included as well and am sure it was wonderful and loving. Enjoy your birthday YEAR!🎉

  19. What a beautiful spot.
    Looks like you have some very talented artists in the family too.