Brisbane, QLD

Monday, May 9, 2022


ANZAC DAY is on 25th of April. It is the day that we remember all the Australian and New Zealand servicemen and women who lost their lives in war. On 25 April 1915 ANZAC troops landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula. By the end of the day, 2000 had been killed. The campaign was a failure, but the bravery, ingenuity, endurance and mateship shown on that day has become enshrined in the Australian character.

Each year the village has their own little ceremony, while much bigger ones are held in all towns in Australia. We have quite a few veterans in the village and they proudly wore their medals and laid wreathes. Children and grandchildren of veterans also wore the medals of those no longer with us.

Usually the veterans march around the village streets and then hold a ceremony at our little cenotaph but this year rain forced the ceremony to be held inside the Community Centre.

First we had a little Dawn Ceremony, which is held at the same time that the troops landed on the beach. We had it next to our rose garden but the rain kept a lot of residents in bed.

The gathering for the ceremony in the Community Centre.

I discovered at one of our dinners that this guy, Brian, and I were in the same year in high school in Sydney back in in the 50's.

All the veterans in our village with our managing director Chiou See Anderson and our local federal senator, Amanda Stoker. the wreathes are in the centre.

The ceremony was followed by a morning tea and a sausage sizzle for lunch. After lunch we had a social with music provided by our very own Elements Band.

It was a big day but quite successful despite the rain, which is still falling today. We have never seen so much rain at this time of year.


  1. Every country has its own Remembrance Day for WW2....

  2. very appropriate for the day and perfect tribute. sorry about the rain but it looks like everyone had a great tiem

  3. Such an important day means a lot to me as it does to so many, a bloody great post

  4. A sweet remembrance and tribute for such an important day. Thank you for sharing it with us Diane.

  5. Glad you could move it indoors. It is a very important day that needs to be remembered.

  6. Hello,
    A wonderful tribute and post for Anzac Day. Take care, have a great day!

  7. Beautiful day of looks like a wonderful program and way to cherish that time.

  8. Very well done, Diane.
    It rained here at Terrigal also and I was told that the Dawn Service on the beach was packed.
    Lynette went done, unable to park anywhere so had to come home and watch the services etc.
    on TV. Just as I did from 4.30am.

    Just for the record - it is still raining here. The rare sunshine is blinding!

  9. Hi Diane
    It is good to remember and honor the bravery and sacrifice of the armed forces!
    It is sad that you have too much rain and we have too little, I wish the earth could distribute weather more fairly!

  10. This is/was a great tribute and post for Anzac Day.

    All the best Jan

  11. You look like you had a great day. We missed out on attending the service this year because we were still getting over COVID.

  12. We do ours Nov 11. It looks like a very nice ceremony.