Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, September 21, 2021


When we were in Switzerland over the last Christmas Holidays, Bill was interviewed on the radio about living in Australia. After the program, Bill was contacted by Peter, who wanted to migrate to Oz and asked us many questions. When Peter and his family arrived in Brisbane we offered to help them get adjusted. They rented an apartment on the Gold Coast and their son Jan started school at Southport. He quickly learnt English. Peter and Yolande spoke English already.
We took them to Lone Pine. Carol, Jan and Sonya.

We took them to the rainforest at Mount Tamborine.
Bush walking in Lamington National Park.

Peter and Jan loved it here in Australia but Yolande found it hard to adjust to the different way of life, the different food and customs. In fact she was very homesick. Eventually, they packed up and went back to Switzerland for the benefit of Yolande's health. We remained in touch for many years afterwards.

Jan and his family came to Sonya's ninth birthday party.

Carol, Sonya, Joanne and Adam.

Blindfold game of trying to hit each other with a sock.

Sonya and best friend, Joanne.


  1. As much as I love travelling I don't think I could live permanently in another country especially one so far away. It must have been a very difficult decision to return to Switzerland.

  2. I am pleased to hear Marie won't be asking us to 'temporarily' stay in our spare bedroom, although if she can cook...

    I am a bit curious about the questions Peter asked of Bill before emigrating. Though clearly one or two questions were not asked, which is rather sad and they returned to Switzerland. You were clearly very kind to them.

    I wonder if Bill would have liked Australia so much had he not met someone who grew up here and knew how things work in Australia? There must be blogpost in that for you.

  3. That is sad she couldn't cope with another country. I think I had stayed, I loved Australia when I visited it, but I was at an older age then.

  4. some people can be transplanted and some can not. we see a lot of that here. people move here and think they will love it and can't stand it.... i wish i could speak or even understand a second language. i need to check our library for Spanish lessons. i tried the online kind and could not do it.

  5. I think I will always be home sick for Africa, a large part of me feels like it has never left and rejoices when we go back. Having said that I love France, but I miss our very best friends who still live in RSA. Now if only we could fly again maybe we could visit.

    Are you still in touch with Peter and Yolande?

    Keep safe, very best wishes from t'other Diane

  6. I can't imagine living ant where else but here close to my family, that said greeeat post with bloody great photos.

  7. Hello,
    I am sorry the move did not work out for your friends, sometimes a trial run for a couple of months would be better. Wonderful collection of photos and memories. Take care, have a great day!

  8. Great photos Diane, the older I get the more treasured these old photos become. Homesickness can be very debilitating.

  9. They were lucky to visit you in Australia ! However can't understand your friend being homesick ! I would never return to Germany have been homesick for a year at the very beginning because I didn't know anybody. Belgium is just a flea poo on the map but people are open and friendly and have a lot of humour. Their favorite hobby is cheating but in a friendly way and they are not disciplinated at all only when it is important. Building a bridge over a field with grass is :" à la Belge" !