Brisbane, QLD

Monday, February 22, 2021


 Once again our Chinese CEO, Chiou See Anderson put on another fabulous CNY celebration in the Community Centre. There were about 200 guests and she did all the cooking. Many staff members and residents helped out in the kitchen.

We were lucky that Bill was feeling better but we both had to be careful of what we could eat. We were happy with rice, beef, chicken and noodles.

The Lion dancers entertained us and especially the many children that were there. Families and grandchildren were also invited. 

The Community Centre was full with space left for the band and Lions.

It is tradition to feed the Lions with little red envelopes with money inside.

The Lions climb up to eat a lettuce hanging from the ceiling.

Then they spit it out to the audience. It is good luck if it lands on you.

The drumming was very loud and performed by a very young person.

Chiou See loves to see the children enjoying themselves. She says it is a special time for children. She just helped Parker feed the Lion. He is my friend's grandson.

Families were invited.

Those without families still enjoyed themselves.
We were asked to wear red if possible.

Nanette volunteers to make the punch and cocktails.

Then it was dinner time. Due to Covid regulations we can't serve ourselves so some residents volunteered to do the serving before they ate their meal.

At the end it is tradition for the oldest guest to hand out envelopes of money to all the children. Jill at 87 was the lovely lady to do this while Chiou See gave all the children an ice cream. It was another fun night. We are so lucky not to have any Covid cases in Queensland. The vaccine only started to be given today to frontline health workers and Hotel Quarantine workers. Us oldies will be next.


  1. You both look wonderful, glad you are feeling well again and could attent the festive celebrations.

  2. Your CEO is a fabulous organizer, planner, chef and host. I'm always amazed at the events you have. It's nice to see you and Bill looking good. Please continue to take good care of yourselves.

  3. What a great party and celebration. I haven't celebrated the Chinese New Year in Years. we used to go with friends to a Chinese restaurant that had a local Karate studio come for the lion dance. Lucky you that no Covid cases there.

  4. I'm so happy to see your lives getting back to normal.
    You live at a wonderful place with so many activities and good food.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I'm glad you are both feeling better.

  5. What a wonderful celebration. It seems a life time ago that we could enjoy a social occasion like that.

  6. You look as if you had a wonderful time. I hope you realise just how lucky you are to be able to celebrate anything. We have not had a meal anywhere other than our own house for over a year now and little chance of this changing for a few months yet. Restrictions keep changing but they are no going away. Take care and enjoy while you can t'other Diane

  7. So glad you and Bill are able to join your neighbours for another happy event. Great that families are included in your celebrations.

  8. This looks like it was a wonderful celebration. I'm glad you and Bill were able to attend.

  9. I always love the photos you post of your retirement community's festivities. Everyone is smiling and looks happy. I can't even imagine going to an event - we've been in isolation nearly a year now. Still no vaccine for Bob and I though we're signed up on several lists. You and Bill look great! Stay well!

  10. This looks like an amazing way to celebrate and your photos made it feel as though I was invited too. As someone who is enduring their third lockdown, it does look slightly odd and very wild to see you all socialising so easily and freely!

  11. Always enjoy seeing the special celebrations and dinners, Diane. Your community has such a great sense of community and that's great to see. But what was even better was to see you and Bill smiling together at the end of the post. Glad you are both on the mend.

  12. Lucky you ! How wonderful it was celebrated ! That does good after all your health troubles !! Normal life again !!

  13. What fun to see you all enjoying yourselves. You have so many well organized celebrations, they are wonderful! Great photos Diane :)

  14. Your CEO is quite the dynamo! Imagine cooking for that many! And she is a professional business woman , not a chef! One good thing about late catch up is that I get to see you both happy and having fun at almost the same time I read about your bad days. A Shame it didn’t go that fast in real time for you!

  15. You are so lucky with your CEO Diane, she really looks after you all so well re fun events etc. Love the pic of you both looking so much better, look after yourselves 💙

  16. Your photographs are lovely, this looks such a great party and celebration.

    All the best Jan