William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus.

Thursday, May 3, 2018


Just when you thought I had finished boring you with Singapore holiday shots , I spring another one on you. On the last evening in Singapore, our CEO, Chiou See and family and staff organised a lovely farewell dinner. It was a delicious banquet including the Chilli Crab experience. Chiou See provided the wine.
It was a great restaurant and could easily cater for the 57 of us.

 Here are just a few of the meals

 Chilli Crab was the speciality and it was fun to eat with your fingers and mop up the sauce with little buns.
 Getting prepared for the experience
Our friend Jan having fun.

Chiou See(far right) and her staff, who accompanied the 57 residents to Singapore and Malacca

Karen the manager of our village,( Elements Retirement Living Springwood) had her birthday while we were there. Chiou See organised some cakes.

Chiou See is Singaporean and she had the support and help from her family to organise this trip. Here she is thanking her family and below are some of her family members.

We thanked Chiou See and her Parents for the wonderful trip and dinner.

Ian, one of the residents, thanks Chiou See on behalf of residents for bringing us all on this great trip.

We had a great time.


  1. What an amazingly good retirement life you do have. Your CEO and Manager seem to do a magnificent job. I'm not sure about the crab claws though!

  2. I would have loved to have seen Bill of Tell getting stuck into that food.
    I bet his "mouchie beard and face" was something to behold.
    As for the BIB I dread to think.
    You sure had quite a time and good for you.
    Cheers with a little green tinge

  3. Your village and CEO is really a very special place. Even with the big bibs on, I think not wearing your best clothes would be wise.

  4. What a lovely farewell dinner for a special trip. How wonderful that your CEO had such great support from family and her team to bring all of you on a fantastic journey.

  5. What a glorious time you are having, good on you all.

  6. What a great farewell dinner . Quite a feat for a restuarant to cope with so many people! I have to say we loved the food when we visied Singapore, we always visted the cafes where the locals eat and they were really good. Have a good day, t'other Diane

  7. That was a well organized tour. Nice to travel with you by the pictures.

  8. I don't eat crab any way at all but the rest of the food i would love to give a try.. and the food is beautiful. great shots... that is a lot of food to prepare for 57 people

  9. Oh Diane.... You made me hungry, you made me envious, you made me smile, but you could never bore me!

  10. Seeing the photos with the bibs was like ones given to folks in some New England places that serve lobster, although they don't wear plastic gloves. All the food photos posted made me wish dinner time was closer too, Diane. And, I agree with previous commenters that retirement life in indeed wonderful for you and Bill !

  11. That crab dish looks delicious with all that sauce.
    What a wonderful trip you've been on Diane.

  12. I have SO enjoyed your Singapore Holiday..... That Chilli Crab looks YUMMY.... I love messy food like that--but even with a bib and gloves, I would still need to go and take a shower.... ha

    I remember a few years ago when your sweet hubby said that he was finished traveling.... That move and all of the new friends and experiences has given him (and you) some new life... You both look GREAT.

    I talked about a new book you would enjoy reading on my blog today....

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  14. What a great holiday! I see I have some catching up to do.