William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus.

Monday, May 7, 2018


Our grandsons have their birthdays close together, so this year they celebrated their birthdays together. We flew to Melbourne to help out and celebrate with them. We were lucky in that our other daughter from Sydney was in Melbourne too working for her company. So we all met up and spent three days together.

On the evening we arrived, we met Carol at the Swiss Club restaurant for dinner. Bill loved it. Swiss beer and food.

 The girls enjoyed Cheese Fondu

We even had Swiss music.

The next day we went shopping for the party and picked up the boys from school because mummy and papa were at work. On Saturday the Jumping House arrived and was pumped up much to the boys excitement.
 In the afternoon the guests started to arrive. Each boy invited his whole class plus all their cousins which made about 50 children. (I thought that was a crazy idea but it all turned out okay.)

 The kids loved the house which had climbing activities inside.

Later rain clouds gathered and it started to shower.

Someone gathered up all the shoes and jackets and brought them inside.

 Luckily it wasn't long before the sun started to shine again.

Bernie did a great job at entertaining the children with musical games.

Inside, Aunty Carol was decorating the cake. I was making Fairy Bread and friends were warming up party pies and sausage rolls.

After lots of fun and games it was time to sing happy birthday and...
blow out the candles and .......
 sample the cake. Bernie did a good job at serving the crowd. There were also sausages sizzling on the BBQ but they didn't all get eaten so guess what we had for dinner.

 You cannot imagine the pile of presents that were left in the family room for the boys to open when everyone had left except for cousins. It took them ages to read all the cards and investigate the gifts.
Fox was given a lot of things relating to AFL Football and his favourite team "The Richmond Tigers"

 The next morning we went to watch Fox play AFL with his team the Ashy Redbacks. Go number 4!

Then it was time to say goodbye as we left for the airport and they went to the MCG to watch the Tigers play. They have grown so much since we saw them and I guess they will again before we see them again.


  1. My how the boys have grown. It sounds like you had a great time. That was Saturday just gone and I remember the weather well. I guess you know High Street. In our part of High Street, anywhere south of there received a drenching shower, anywhere north remained dry. It was the most specific rain border I have ever seen. The last photo is just lovely.

  2. Oh yes, Flinders Street Station, as in your header, looks much better now with a new paint job.

  3. Looks like a wonderful celebration and great to see all the happy, smiling faces. Wonderful photos, loved the first and the last especially.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend Diane. It would have been lovely to see them all, the boys are getting so big.

  5. Wow...that was one big party!!

  6. they are so much bigger now, seems yesterday they were tiny tots. that is a huge party and 50 kids is blowing my mind. looks like everyone was happy and having fun.

  7. What fun to have a joint birthday party. A lot of organising to entertain so many kids.

  8. Happy Birthday to the children, it looks as if they had a wonderful time, now all done and over with having the two parties together..

  9. 50 kids in the house, amazing party!

  10. Wow 50 children, I would have freaked out I am sure. Well done and it sounds like all went well. Love that last shot of the smiling face minus front teeth :-) Take care t'other Diane

  11. What an undertaking! And what a party!

  12. What an awesome family you have... Those little boys are growing up TOO fast.... Your daughters get more gorgeous with each passing day... Glad you had a wonderful family time.


  13. OMG - that last photo is precious. They grow so fast! I can’t believe the parents were brave enough to invite that many children. Glad it all worked out. It sure looks like a fun family time.

  14. What fun, and what brave hosts to take on 50 children! So lovely you could be there to enjoy birthdays with the boys. I haven't had cheese fondue for ages and yours looked so good.

  15. Good grief they are growing up so quickly. (I imagine our great-grands will have done the same while we're away... fortunately for me I have FB so I'll recognize them ;p>)))..... your daughter and SIL were brave and clever to host such a large party successfully!

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  17. I love this post. Happiness abounds. A belated happy birthday to your darling grandsons.

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